I Am An Activist

I am an activist

An advocate for those who don't have as good of a life as I do

I acknowledge my privelege

I am white, I am not oppressed


I am a feminist

Intersectionalism is most important

Equal jobs, equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunity

My skin and status do not mean I am better than anyone

I am not inferior to my neighbor, and he is not to me


I am a supporter of women's rights

Old men, do not tell me what to do to my body

Old men, do not tell me how important my health is

Old men, do not tell me men's work deserves higher pay

You do not have a uterus, do not tell me what it is worth


I am a Democrat

I spread the liberal agenda 

I educate my peers on the positives of leaning left

Bernie Sanders, you are my hero


I am a teenager

I do not smoke or drink

I do not cheat or steal

I care about my future

Yes, I exist


This poem is about: 
My country


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