Hey! This is a poem that I wrote describing the unfair economic system in America and how I feel being a woman of color in the USA and the daughter of refugees.

Here is the media link to it:


December 17th, 2010 
Mohammed Bouazizi's self immolation caused a revelation 
The United States raped our region 
Tired of bein' told what to believe in 
Political oppression was what we were conceived in 

The people demand freedom,

Chests heavin as we screamin 
You invaded our soil with pigs, but that's what our religion forbids us from Eatin 
Proceed to killin for treason, but is that the only reason? 
US invasions seem to happen every season 
Drones will sneak up while an Arab kid is sleepin 

And your big guns be gleamin', just like your flag 
Red, white, and blue and you gotta salute or they'll question your loyalty 
And I ain't talkin' 1940s, homie this is now 
CNN be the source and you dare not question how 
Look at them actin', they deserve to take a bow 
They talkin' about the Dow and fittin' in with the crowd 

But they ain't tell you about the local poverty 
The invasions bein justified with democracy 
People livin on the streets, yet y'all focused on foreign policy
Naw screw your democracy 
And that Adam Smith philosophy 
Because a free market economy is why we got poverty 
If you don't believe me just look at their ideology 
Private property, inclusion of social policies 
Cause while WE strugglin', they drivin' Ferraris 
This the same system that bombed Nagasaki 

This American dream, is just another scheme 
And my name ain't Martin but I still have a dream 
CREAM, capitalism ruins everything around me 
NSA, Patriot Act still ain't enough to drown me

The revolution found me 

And the struggle surrounds me 

Scream for the prisoners

Scream for the children 

Scream for the poor and let's keep movin'

Because I have a solution to this economic pollution, a political movement starts with us
Standing up for justice will always be a must 

Educate, mobilize, inspire, and empower 
We can't let our voices keep being devoured 


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