Through the trials and tribulations,

the shouts and the screams,

I will fight for what I believe,

because you can’t silence these dreams. 

Like Ms. Angelou I will rise,

through these riots and protests,

you will see through my eyes.

Strong I will be, 

as I speak out in the streets, 

about the oppression upon me,

my sisters and brothers.

Does my sassiness upset you, 

quotes Ms. Angelou.

Are you offended by the words you deem unfair?

You protest against me, 

yet you still copy my swagger, my slang, and even my hair.

So strong I will be when you protest against me, 

like Ms. Angelou says,

write lies about me in your history.

Ms. Bland, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Castille didn’t die for me to remain silent. 

The riots didn’t occur so I can remain quiet. 

Black lives weren’t plighted so you could keep me in an oppressive twilight. 

Ms. Angelou taught me to be strong,

taught me to have a strong backbone.

To never fold when told, 

but to always be bold.

Ten toes down and strong I’ll stand, 

cause I was always taught to speak for what I believe. 

Give injustice no reprieve.

And strong I’ll be when you come for me. 

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Our world
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