Future Stolen

This piece is a comment on gun violence in America, an issue I am incredibly passionate about. I participated in the March for Our Lives in my city and have been a vocal part of my community on this issue. This piece is a comment on school shootings particularly. The girl, depicted in black and white, is entering a school. The background, full-color images, show the bright future that was ripped away from her once she became a victim of gun violence. For the background I created a collage made up of images from college brochures, since college is seen as the ultimate step for grade school students in the U.S., and often seen as the best years of a person's life. The girl in my painting never got to see those years, which is why she is in black and white against the colorful background; her life and color were extinguished. I read The Hate U Give last year, and it immediately became one of my all-time favorite books. I think the images portrayed in the book are all too real in America today. Gun violence is so prominent in our society, and I want to use my voice to be the change that eventually prevents any more terrible hate crimes. 

Medium: Acrylic paint and collage on cardboard

I was referred to this page by FastWeb.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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