one moment

It’s me.

I’m here.

I want to change the world.

That’s hard,

I know,

but it’s what I want to do.

Being an activist is my dream,

making sure we all have

our full human rights.

I want to found an


that will help others.

I want to teach

comprehensive sex ed

and about different sexualities,

from bi to gay to pan to asexual.

I want to educate the world

on things like the wage gap,

sexism, racism, the effect that ads

have on our lives and our children.

I want to make the world safer,

for the next generation and that after,

I want to make the world better.

One job. One internship. One moment

could change my life, and

that’s all I need. One moment.

To educate you, and your sisters and brothers,

your sons and daughters, and anyone who

doesn’t fit a label.

I want to educate you on rape culture,

the major problems with college campuses,

why our government and our culture

needs a major overhaul.

Why the world does.

I want to educate you about it all,

so yes.

One job could change my life.

One internship. One moment.

One job. One foundation.

One single thing, could help me change

the world forever. 


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