Overexploitation of Life's Greatest Mentor

Nature is the biggest inspiration we all have

And we destroy more of it every chance we get

We exert the same lack of respect and love onto this land

That we do for ourselves and each other, please never forget


Nature is the greatest mentor there is

 We should be better than this

Every animal we kill knows something we don’t or have dismissed

From the extinct elephant bird to the undiscovered organism in the deepest abyss


Life always begets life

Something must die for another to live

But we have amounted a debt of immense price

Man always kills what they love and nature is running out of sacrifices to give


So, pick up a pen and take a lesson from the natural world around you

Appreciate the sights and creatures you never took the time to before

Don’t cut a tree to see its rings, just appreciate how far it grew

And stop overexploiting and destroying the professor who can teach you forevermore





This poem is about: 
Our world


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