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I’m about to give up, give in
Hating, passivity
It’s original sin
Blood runs through our veins
We forget we’re kin
Where to begin? Where to begin?

Where to begin
When the best and the brightest
Are home on there consoles
Losing touch with their souls
Forgetting there’s a world outside
Where beauty and breath reside

Forgetting there is another human
That needs their touch
What only they can give
A girl can only give so much

I feel torn
I feel the divide
Between the good and evil inside
Eternal darkness and occasional light
When will mankind escape from its blight?

Black and white, black and white
Is it that easy or is there something more?
What does God have in store?
Is he happy when he sees us? Is he torn in his heart?
God, why can’t you show your face down here more?

I hear of so much anger, so much pain
But I also hear courage to rise again
I hear mocking, I hear untruth, I hear confusion.
But most of all, the jarring sound is the one you can’t hear
It’s filled with anxious energy, fear

Fear to speak up, and fear to love
It’s the heartbeat that connects us all
When one heart flutters, and wicks and wanes
Another soul lost, evil gains

The faces are jeering
The TV’s blurring
My eyes are burning
Tears rise to the surface too often

Are you feeling it too?
A constant tension, an apprehension
Unspoken dreams, unwoken potential
A sleeping cat in a wire cage
A sickly thing, starved by
An unanswered conscience
He mews the mew of pathetic self-pity
It jars my sleep
Makes me wake too early.

We lose dearly
When we lose you
Please roar and rankle!
Make your voice known

Wake the sleeping souls
The old and the young
Jar them from their slumbers
Stir the coldest embers

Forget comfort
Eat and drink the hearty meal
That only the courageous taste
And know you are a victor

Know that you spoke when they cowered
Bowed to the towered
The old and sickly sages of the modern age
Draped and dripping in neon colors, lipsticked, falsies, and caked on powder
Their sing-songy voices clanging every hour
Drilling the old song in our heads

Pop music! Material! only 6.99!
Get yours now!!! get in line!!!
Chain yourself to tethers of lace, cotton candy, join the daily race
Join us, become yourself a god!!!
Worship in the temple of YOU and IPOD!

Forget all the problems
Play with your toys
Let you eyes glaze over
Surround yourself in meaningless noise!
Surround yourself in meaningless noise!


Take a respite
Touch the chord
Feel it quiver, feel it quake
Let it string your soul
Till its rhythm makes you whole

Feel it vibrating, pulsing in hand!
Wake, my fellows
We become our land!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful poem that describes your feelings towards interpretation of the title roar

we all have a voive, it's comes down to how one uses it

keep writing

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