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Do not we all have addictions of different kinds Some like mugs of Budweiser sharp at seven Others love their late evening shots of Tequila Few of them have fixations for meth or cocain
The dark eyed mom is here again. I hope she’s not here to stay. There will be no meals or good-time feels And no, This mom don’t play.
    I Picture my veins             With little mouths,             and little eyes, with tears.             They have little teeth, 
coke and acid and weed and girls that weren’t me but you were my only drug my only addiction   and to you, to you my drug of choice, to you I was loyal
    You ain't going nowhere fuck you thought this was none of y'all are leaving this is what pain does to a person who never felt love never felt trust only thing he ever felt was the lock of the handcuffs
glittery souls, half-took breaths rest-less hearts, uncleansed mess coated daggers, red-stained walls unseen brutality, unseen by all a cripple depression, unheard cries no long here, a thousand lies
I've  had bestfriends that have become strangers, lost good people. I've had family that has become strangers,  lost good people. I've had girlfriends that have become strangers,  lost good people.
I'm tired of being judged by 'the better', even though they've been as low as me. I'm tired of living the life I live, being that i don't get enough sleep. I'm not asking for help, 
Dear biologicsl mother, did you ever think of me inside the whomb? did you ever think of my little body inside of you absorbing drug after drug? I was only a pound six and a half ounces they say.
Every day we pass by, All the people we saw cry   But do we think of it? No we just overlook the ones who quit   I sometimes stop what I'm doing, To my dismay I just end up stewing  
Hey there old friend. Maybe friend isn’t the correct term, so allow me to rephrase. Hello old habit. You and me were best friends. We were the Thelma and Louise of our time and yes we flew over the cliff and plunged into the abyss.
They say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" On this crooked path they encourage you to walk a little longer Eyes wide open but she doesn't see the picture  Od'd on the ground guess the drugs didn't miss her
Caruso’s party was filled with the same lunatics from last year.
He drives his Lincoln fast down those dirt roads. Too fast sometimes. He isn’t suicidal, or maybe he is. He wouldn’t mind if the car flipped, it was exhilarating, to say the least.
They wonder why, why we can't sleep at night, tell us such pretty lies, why we can't sleep at night, the anti depressants are too tight, acid and synthetics wearing off, haze of something crimson,
My father loved a lot of girls He has the kindest heart But he fell in love with a certain girl  Who tore his life apart She went by many names I liked not a single one 
"Your mom is missing I've called the police They're looking for her now" (frozen, i stand, a naked man in the snow i hear the shaking in his voice)
Dizzy Izzy took a spill Down some stairs because of a pill She hit her head And had to stay in bed She cried for days  Because of her baes They never came to visit.
Here’s to dejá vu.
Shes screaming out to the girl she once knew,
Puff Puff Puff ! Once a Guy told me I'll continue to Puff for weeks cuz this weed not weak It makes me stronger. I told him he might Die of Hunger He Started whispering I started to wonder
I place pill after pill on my tongue And swallow them one by one. They leave a bitter taste But all I can think of is how I am a waste To society and I feel like giving up. An hour later, my body feels heavier
why,  at the age of five do I ask myself  "why"?  Why does my dad tell me he has to go away for a long time?  Why am I the only one left?  Why does my mom speand so much time alone with her friends instead of me? 
Painkiller. You come to me in so many ways, so many daze. I laud you as seconal, alcohol, phenobarbitol, mary jane and more.
Born to this world with drugs in my body. Doctors fixed me up, but I'm left with nobody. Still Unbroken.   Sent to Foster care right away. Until this couple came and made my day. Still Unbroken.
You say you’ll try it once
They say love is a drug. It's no wonder I'm always so high. I abuse too much, never sober enough. His laugh is my cocaine, addictive and exhilarating. When his lips meet mine, it's pure bliss
Her eyes protrude the needle cuts through her vein she can't escape
Breathing.Waking up late because IStayed up late.I wasDrinking.He wasAngry.Now I’mTexting.No answer.Texting.No answer.Texting.
~ You don’t know my name, 
She said her last goodbyes, and stumbled down the stairs as her two little ones stood by the door. "I'm not coming back. I'm sorry." They were merely children and did not understand what mommy meant by that. 
I don’t want to go back to that dark place – No, I will not go to that dark place anymore. I had been tempted - No, raped – By the White Devil And I swore I would never return.
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
Mouth wide open Eating her cheek The drug Has her paranoid Again
The sun was unforgiving and I wouldn't soon be forgetting That lack luster look to his face when he talked about the human race We're all dead he said
Every night I wait for you to come back You promised to never leave me again, over and over When you finally waltz in the door you reek of crack Today I try to ask why, you respond by giving me a smack
Enhale toxins. It numbs.
Life's a party,  One you can never leave. So live it up, break it down, and never regret anything you do. Because in the end, it makes you who you are.
You are, her ray of light,
If I had it my way… I would pass back over the infinite abyss of rocky, tortuous paths Of Failed Attempts to Save Your Wretched, Reckless Soul And frantically collect the pieces of me I've lost along the way,
Tony. The name on a pizza but That wasn’t your name. It’s just what people called you when you held Slimy beers in your hand When you had a pipe and some  Green leaves, white powder,
My little big brother, how I loved you so much, nineteen years, just wasn't enough. From the time we were little and I watched you play, I knew you would grow up, to be special some day.
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray dear lord my soul you’ll keep I Wake up in a strange place Not knowing where or even who I was
There’s not much you can do when you’re only seventeen revolutions around the sun.   Push this button! Pull that lever! Take this upgrade,
A promise broken,You said you would keep me.You said you would stop,Mommy, Daddy can you hear me? A touch from God saved me,
My quote is from the song “Coming Down” written by the hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch.
There's a lot of things that don't make senseLike how it's possible for bumble bees to flyOr why we learn cursive as childrenOr why Chipotle charges $1.50 for guacamole
Get me out of this placeMy heart breaks like glassLet it shatter and it runs a different paceIt's messing with my head, one minute i'm with you now suddenly i'm hereWhen will this end?
If home is where the heart is,               In a home they teach you things,                                          Then I am out of place,                        You taught me some things,
His scent sends my blood ablaze He takes my mind to a whole different place Heart rate increasing , conscious depleting, sensation building don't want it to end  Hes brought me the warmth again that had once left my soul
Hey little birdy, The one by my window; I see your colourless wings so sturdy And those dark eyes so hollow. Birdy, take me with you.  I want your freedom; I want to fly in the blue.
He loved alcohol more than your love Like ever guy ,he said those words that made you cave in Guess he thought it was enough To make it work To fall in love  
Do drugs make faces lie? Does liquor deepen the hole? Cut once to fill it.     When mirrors break, glue can only dull shards.
    God knows what your hiding behind those brown remorseful eyes You lied and cheated, shamelessly mistreated but to me it is no big surprise Light up, light up your coffin nail and burn away your guilt
As a teenager, time and time again, I am asked the question, "want a drink?" My response to the request always catches the others by surprise. Do I want a drink? To me, this question is so much more.
(poems go here)Seasons don't change when there's ice in your veins. I am a victim A sweet target with barely bitten skin torn by life's fangs. I am forgotten
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as can be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I  had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea. I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea. The Mad Hatter's party was fun as could be, but the only thing horrid was the tea.
The time I had a fever of a hundred-and-three, was when Ariel went out to sea.                                     I was discussing with Prince Eric and Ursula about tea                                                                          The
You're my big brother,                                                                                                                                 I love you with all of my  heart.;                                                              
Johnny was a walking pill, All to better his sad will. White and bitter, A mean critter, Till his pills came to a still.
Get Em Get Em Get Em Party Party Party Cups stacked along the corners of a torn house Aligned like a house of cards, fragile Reeking of booze, alcohol Oops spilled some on the floor
My best friend was the bottle. My brother was the smoke. I lived it up real good Before life caught up and choked Me out of my mind. And now I see That I was killin' myself. Now all that I need
I wobble my way down the narrow hallway my thoughts are an epic mess the bright light I'm following is so far away yet I feel I can grasp it I must confess.
I see faces pass me by. Faces that I used to know but they’re all strangers to the strange--they don’t know the world I know. I hear their voices, a whisper in my ear, telling me all the things I don’t want to hear.
you're curious , so you try it one time . you can't keep falling down the crack line . you keep falling deeper & deeper until you reach the bottom , see strange things that you never thought possible .
My slowly beating heart was ripped into shreds by your dirty hands. That black balloon lifted you up again and wouldn't let your mind fall back to the ground.
I live my life by a code To never get drunk nor high, But people think me queer or rude. My code exiles me from the cliques, Never invited to outings or parties, Never asked to stand in the student body.
My best friend's name is Dorothy, we are happy as can be Elementary school is fun, and pretty easy! We play games, like tag and pretend too! We'll be best friends forever because i need you
You’re screaming at me but I'm not there to hear it. I'm drifting away on fluffy white clouds as my world melts around me like a Dali painting and my fingers leave patterns in a sea of stars.
Strap me to the machine and inject me with your facade. It's the best we've ever seen. It's the best they ever saw.
Brilliance was burned away We drank away our thoughts Gambled which would stay and which would go, We didn't know.
She woke up in a hospital bed Family yelling you coulda been dead She didn’t care while her mama cried Didn’t matter to her that she had almost died
I am standing alone walking in a place I call Numb. Surrounded by nothing, but white, no one but you. A smile falls upon your god like face as you hug me and BANG!!
Every week I find myself, heavily, halfheartedly, hopelessly, ...alone, in my addiction councellor's office. The clock pounds out the conversation, tick tock tick tock, because quiet honestly I refuse to talk.
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