Or Dream A Perfect Dream


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To be honest, Im a little bored of being me
for a while, maybe we could wonder a perfect place that we stumbled upon
or dream a perfect dream that we thought up ourselves
We cant escape what follows, or what is to come
but we can try to create memories that make it all the fun

The world changes colors, shapes and sizes more
to morn over the changes, will just create a storm
walk miles in silence, sing yourself to sleep
wake up to new melodies, you’ll never hear a peep

Put my hours to good use
maybe to get some in return
wait and wait and wait a few more
when will I get what I’ve been wishing for?

Teach me to learn, your ways or another’s
teach me to live, how to think,
somehow Ive missed it all
thinking about thinking and what it discovers
falling through misty complete constellations
I grabbed at star, and I stayed to hold tight
Then let it go, and fell into the unknown.


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