The harmonies of my vital organs , are much  like the wildest symphony


though the song itself is classy and strong, it out scurries the fire inside of me


smiles friends and conversation make the melody of life in the world I've landed


Inside is something crazy the craving of potency and evil; the seed I've planted


For the secrets are bold and the pressure is heavy, I bow down to the calling sin


Then none is left but vacancy and the bruised soul that lies within


I drown with the demons , to wash my tears  , I inhale the remembrance of my innocent years


I've been taught whats right , yet stuck to wrong, but desire to one day sing Heaven's song.


Is the sea the sin?

My gasps the grace?

Dare I look to the sky and lie to His face?

Will my deeds be forgotten?

My kindness remembered?

Or will the fields of pink show me grey and severed?


Life is but thought so I think of a blame a story a path that leads far gone


For away is my life away are my thoughts, there i will be from dawn to dawn.


But I realized the blame stopped short, and the stories said The End


And I saw I could flee no longer, because the destroyed required a mend


The life of this sort will only bury me deep, so it begins today, today I will seek


I will remove the masks the lies the blames, ask for forgiveness for what's brought me shame


And when all is done and it's clear to see, I will begin my journey to rebuild me



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