She gave up


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She woke up in
a hospital bed
Family yelling
you coulda been dead
She didn’t care
while her mama cried
Didn’t matter to her
that she had almost died

She was a suicidal girl
in a drug crazed world
At first it was only weed
But then she got bored
So she went out and she whored
So she could move from ecstasy
to meth

Her daddy decided to
tear through her room
screaming and yelling
Like a baboon
But he didn’t find
any crystal at all.
Cuz she fixed that problem
with her one call.

The next day,
she was no where to be found.
They got worried
The cops went looking round
They found her out cold
lying on the floor
Next to a sign that said
“Here lies a crack whore”

That very same day
Guy named Perry got his pay
Along with it he got a note
That had this to say
“I was a suicidal girl
in a drug crazed world
At first, I only did weed
But then I got bored
Needed money so I whored
So she could go from ecstasy
to meth”

Perry lamented
and he broke down
As he gazed upon
her forever frozen frown
He wished he had told her
He wished she could know
That him saying “I hate you”
Was all for show.


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