Heroin Family



You ain't going nowhere fuck you thought this was none of y'all are leaving this is what pain does to a person who never felt love never felt trust only thing he ever felt was the lock of the handcuffs

They want to get clean but yo they love the rush H is in they veins but they haven't have enough man they both so selfish because they don't see the truth we grow up and watched y'all leaving impressions on the youth

Man- it's- so hard to watch the strongest man alive go- get- lost and getting broken up inside & I-I can't lie sometimes I'm smoking all alone thinking back to simple times when you just felt like home

You say it's OK but your actions say different mommy daddy please come back y'all don't know what you're missing

It's not the world I'm asking it's a pain that I'm done masking tell me why you think it's OK pistol in hand mask on running to be shooting up a store arms drawn heavy Gunnin

Did you think about your family may be consequences uncle Kenny's your lawyer get off with minor offenses then return to the street still stayin strap with the heat saying shit like I'm a leader and I can never be beat

Yeah Well couple years past and you're tasting defeat mommy's tired of you and I guess she's taking me wedding ring removed and it falls to the floor she says I fuckin hate you then rush out like a storm you flip the loveseat over and then yell stupid fucking whore but I'm still there wide-eyed and teary shit oh no this ain't no good mommy's gone and lost it clearly

So the bottles start comin and I see how she's Rushin to escape from this place maybe vanish no trace but then she looks down at me and then she grabs my face I look her in the eyes and see her big dreams but she ain't ready for the pace know what I mean?

I'd really like to say that growin up this way has shaped me to the woman I proudly am today hold true to yourself-  forever those words are a bond-  know your role your path then push farther beyond 



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