Cravings in Vein



I Picture my veins

            With little mouths,

            and little eyes, with tears.

            They have little teeth, 

            Little claws,

            and horns in place of ears. 

They beg me for their feeding

            They’re hungry.

            Starving in fact. 

            They whimper at me

            In disbelief, 

            For betraying them like I have. 

They run me through the recipe

            Every hour,

            so I don’t forget.

            Just how easy 

            tasty is, 

            Should I decide to go on back. 

Special treat for girls, they say,

            crush the sugar

            Melt down the chocolate.

            Filter through cotton candy. 

            The needle will slide in like butter.

            Your blood will flow like 

            Sweet wine. 

And when you push the syrup in,

            You’ll taste 

            the rich Devine. 

            The sweets take you 

            to ecstasy, 

            Just do it one more time. 


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