The sun was unforgiving and


The sun was unforgiving and I wouldn't soon be forgetting
That lack luster look to his face when he talked about the human race
We're all dead he said
And theres nothing I can do, but sit here and stare at you
You're the only beauty left in a world full of theft
Those words ringing throughout my brain like a warm summer rain
I loved someone fractured, he had me captured
Like a cornered doe with no place else to go
Staring wide eyed at someone so fried
Drugs had consumed him and left a body so grim
They say that time heals everything but can it save my only thing
The one I hold dearest will soon be laid to rest
Can time heal a broken man who's so afraid that he ran
He fled his own eyes and left behind the lies
To find a truth after death that had failed in him life


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