My Father Loved A Lot Of Girls (a slam on impact of drug abuse within families)

My father loved a lot of girls

He has the kindest heart

But he fell in love with a certain girl 

Who tore his life apart

She went by many names

I liked not a single one 

She came out when he was tired of life

And wanted to be done

She came in shades of white and brown

She got under his skin 

She danced and hummed sick memories

As I watched him grow thin

She hid all of his beauty

She took his love of life

She hurt all his relationships

Burdened his kids and wife

The girls wanted their father back

Without the hollowed eyes

Without the random bruises

Hidden beneath newfound lies 

He thought she made life better

But she gave life a large disguise

He thought that she could save him

But she lead to his demise


It's not a girl I'm speaking of

Which that took my dad from me

The cage she kept him in was a jail cell

Not so metaphorically 

Nothing scared me more than the idea

Of coming home one night

And seeing him lay on the floor 

With a needle in clear sight

A face of green

While his wife prays god please

And follows directions to give compressions

We think that if we try it once

We can take stop without obsession

But this girl fed off his attention


And Lucky I never had to see my father narcanned

A spitting image of myself

After thinking he could do it alone

Luckily he got help

We joke about heroine and opioids 

Until we see it for our self


So if you get nothing more from this 

Just know that you are strong

And when you want to give up like he did

Know that our lives go on

Know that someone will miss you

I cried for him for days 

My little sister never came to visitation

Because touching hands through glass

Not knowing how long it'll last

Is a sensation more than pain

He will always be my hero

I'm glad the girl has gone away

Now he can protect me

Rebound were all okay

My father never gave up on me

And I never gave up on him

Now that the evil girl is gone

Family gives light to my life again


He is the only person never to betray me

Other then accepting her rancid invitation

But he is the best father in the world

His disease without correlation

He taught me how to love myself

He taught me to be kind

And when it comes to speaking up

He taught me to speak my mind

He invited those who were homeless

He tried to save the world

But in saving himself from his old disease

He saved his little girl


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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