Silenced Dream


United States
32° 54' 49.1004" N, 80° 4' 12.9216" W

You’re screaming at me but I'm not there to hear it.
I'm drifting away on fluffy white clouds as my world melts around me like a Dali painting and my fingers leave patterns in a sea of stars.
Your words cannot pass the wall I've erected as I sink further into a black pit of nothingness.
This is one path you cannot follow
You’re meant for more than aimless wandering through existence with no purpose or drive. You deserve more than what I can give you.
Leave me
There is nothing left here to save.
The person I once was has died long ago and there is nothing left but a doll in a self-created prison. Above me, the heavens release their burdens and I want to open my eyes but I can’t.
Don’t cry for me love
This is not a punishment but a gift.
The storm has passed and as I fall into the eternal abyss I dream of you.


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