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I am standing alone
walking in a place
I call Numb.
Surrounded by nothing,
but white,
no one but you.
A smile falls upon
your god like face
as you hug me and
Euphoria slams out
the white.
Color bleeds into
lines of things I had not
cared to notice before.
People, faces blending
into to one another
more importantly
there is you.
In my hand, even if
only for a moment,
a piece of bliss I will
hold onto forever.
As you pull away,
so does euphoria,
gently tugging away
as the need to leave grows
I hug you good bye,
and again the glorious
high invades my cautious
senses, I walk away
colors pull away,
making way for
the white
for crashing.
Not so painful,
because I am numb
There is nothing, because
to me and my body,
you are all.


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