Help Her

Shes screaming out to the girl she once knew,

but nothing happens for she is too far away.

She tries to run to her,

but her ankles are chained to the table where she sits.

The drugs have a hold on her mind, body, and soul,

she is no longer the girl everyone once knew and loved.

All she cares for is her next high no matter the price,

she has gone to all lengths for the smallest amount.

She has been paid for sex.

Then used the money she made off her body for her line of the fine grain.

She feels as though she has no options left.

She put down her blade for others,

then picked up the bowl for her mind.

Her thoughts race so rapidly,

when shes sober she sits awake outside waiting for day to come again.

She doesn't care about anything else anymore.

Shes pushed away her friends, and family.

She is lost with no guide to get her back to sanity.

Therapy cost to much for her to go.

School councilors are traders.

She has no where to turn to.

So once again on her own she will try to reach out to her old self again.

She will hope to have help.

She will hope to be loved.

She laid down her blade for you,

now you must help her to break away from the endless mind numbing drugs.

All she wants is to feel okay and with you that is possible.

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