Dear biologicsl mother, did you ever think of me inside the whomb? did you ever think of my little body inside of you absorbing drug after drug? I was only a pound six and a half ounces they say. What would my life have been like if I didn't get taken away? Would have sold me off for your next fix or would you have changed and married my? Biological mother did you ever think what if i had to stay in foster care? what if my dad never wanted me and i stayted in the system. The system where so may kids get beat,bruised, raped, and still ask why didn't they love me? I guess im lucky though to have a bilogical mother to love me so much she gave me away not knowing if my father wanted me or not, begging and pleading let her go with her daddy please. Was that love? Did you love me enough to let me go years not knowing where you really were or what you really did. biological mother what do you consider love?


This poem is about: 
My family


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