Black Balloon

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 13:40 -- ashucha


United States
34° 45' 40.5864" N, 117° 20' 17.3148" W

My slowly beating heart
was ripped into shreds by your dirty hands.
That black balloon lifted you up again
and wouldn't let your mind fall back to the ground.

You were in a panic to escape from my confused rejection,
so you blew up this balloon with all your power
and let it pop right in your face.

My green eyes, so clear and innocent,
gasp in search for a breath of air under the water they bring.
My mind aches in pain when I imagine your weakness
for this black balloon.

You are a prisoner who chains himself to the floor
and threw away the key.
The hole in my chest is exagerated in size from your hurtful actions
thrust upon your beautiful body.

My knees always weaken around your presence
but now my eyebrows stare downward.
Dissapointment spreads through my body
at the thought of the black balloon tying itself around you.
Choking you until you can speak your lovely words no longer.

Open your hand and push the black balloon off into the air.
Let it drift away from us.


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