Turn Your Life Around


United States
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My best friend was the bottle.
My brother was the smoke.
I lived it up real good
Before life caught up and choked
Me out of my mind.
And now I see
That I was killin' myself.
Now all that I need
Is your forgiveness, yeah
I'm different now.
I was demon-possessed
Before I turned my life around.
The monsters inside me
Were playin' games.
I didn't see that my habits
Were totally lame.
I was hurtin' other people
Now their pain is gone.
And so is the bottle.
Now I see all around
That people like me
Are still livin' large.
I hope they change
Throw off the chains
See it plain
They be causin' pain.
Yeah, turn your life around.
Yeah, turn your life around.


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