"Your mom is missing I've called the police

They're looking for her now" (frozen, i stand, a naked man in the snow

i hear the shaking in his voice)

"shes a drug addict, Bud" (i can only picture where she is or what shes doign, if shes even alive)

(Bright orange and a faint cherry red flame blackens the bottom of the spoon as she reloads her needle to pump the dark sunburnt orange liquid from the opium plant into her veins) the addiction grows, a black whole slowly eating her alive

I'm losing my mom

"they have found her. A store clerk spotted her on his camera, passed out on his bench"

(a slight feeling of joy, but, a surge of disappointment overwhelms me)

I see her. She's alive, sorta. She's lost 60 pounds, face caving in like an old roof.

Covered in dirt and acne, she reeks like month old trash

She's alive

"she's been charged with postitution. Several times to feed her addiction" (My stomach twists and turns, a tornado; my heart pounds, an orchestral bass. Tears begin to flow, my eyes are a river. I hug her for the last time. I hold on like super glue for the short "1.2.3 count", she's gone again, they have to take her away now)

This drug has taken you away from me

The sound of your voice deepens the hole in my heart, 

You only speak lies

Your gental hands leave me for the last time.( Your apologetic and begging eyes will no longer see me)

I will no longer accept. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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