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Hong Kong China crunchclash of ideologies—iron mixed with clay . . © 2019 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
What Shall I say about their senses, What Shall I speak about their Tenses, They're all above the God judgements, May be they are Gods of Themselves.
Don’t tell me I’m not gay. The “phases” are phrases you like to throw out When you’re angry face goes to the riots to shout. How dare you call me out on a “fault” Like there’s somebody I am going to assault.
It's not a lackIt's not a vaginaIt's not where a penis ought to beIt's where I choose to stick one-or notKeep all your fraud and imagined penis envy out of my vagina.
To The old man in the wheel chair at the art gallery last month, You said I was in your way, and then you called me ignorant, And I wanted to say I'm sorry, But I knew my words did not make up for it.  
"Face the Sun"  
Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state  It is accepting that things need to be different and making a change based on that fact 
I Never Needed You Like Do Right Now  I Never hated you like I do right now  YOU make me cry YOU make me scream  YOU make me shout  ; But  YOU gave me hope 
While I feel that we should remember the past learn from it mourn it grow from it No one else remembers how. So we drown
What an interesting time to live in Where what’s right is deemed wrong Where freedom of decision is now disregarded and we are subjugated into having a forced position
Land of the free they say, but it's the biggest lie to grace the ears of humanity. Fast as a ticking clock, you're shot. You're shunned, shoved, murdered based only on the gender you love. Or based on your own gender,
You see… I’m just a lonesome soul on a dark path I’ve had my toll I’ve felt the wrath Barely ever seen light on hells path
9 $10s  90 $1s 900 dimes 9000 pennies  Is that my worth?  People, they're meant to be priceless Traffickers, they call them useless Victims, they feel so hopeless  All this less,
The Way She Smiles and The Way She Touch Her Beautiful Laugh and Her skin Color While She Blush Soft As Feathers, Warms My Heart I Play My Role and She Plays Her Part When She walks With A Steady Beat
Walking within the microcosm of Wall Street, One will find an extraordinary feat, That of money keeping people going, As if they used it for their own two feet.   And yet we have those who think the economy,
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
Slave of inhumanity, product of my own insanity The man I am is not because of who I was but who I want to be I stand for what is unbearable, I breathe and am unbreakable
I have a special affinity for the x-ray machine,Faultlessly highlighting my bones, heart, and spleen.
The perks of me, oh, beautiful me
Blind me
A name is so pure, with no meaning behind it The people and stories are what truly define it No matter how long or confusing the spelling The name is not on which we should be dwelling  
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Love Love them, Love them with no excuse, Love them with no exception, Love them with no prejudice nor hate.   ‘Love one another’ He said…
Why should I have to become a statistic?Something never dreamed became so realistic!In the game of life I drew the short stick
I want to write a poem To the days that will not be For the times we only wish That we all could live in peace I would dedicate this poem To the beauty that is rare
The Revolution Will not be Televised.  Hope will not be energized
Hear em' shots from da Trumps n' Saxes?How bout' the drops of the Basses' beats?
Speak My life was like a loaded gun Waiting for someone to use me Waiting to be pointed in any direction My reflection was silver bullet clean My look was mean mugging me
They say that African history is a mystery In schools they teach little boys and girls about Conrad but not the misery that Leopold and Stanley so gladly put my people through. They show young children 

The other day I had someone ask me: "Hey why do you write"?
Rusted chains cling to their hearts,  Darkness consumes them -- Children of Darkness?  Or are they Children born in Darkness?--   They cannot hear faith told,  For their ears are bound. 
One-day you will realize what you do hurts others
Hey, guess what? Yeah, I have something to tell you, hypocrite. I'm a human being! Oh my goodness, did you seriously forget? Oh no, darling, this is no illusion nor a trick.   I am a human.
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
What is time? I've never understood. It's how we measure our lives, but i'm not sure that we should.   We don't expect to live, but yet, we breathe. We continue to stay here and Be.
“Everything that needs to be done Is the responsibility of everyone capable of doing it,” I say. I start my day Reminding myself that the only way to live Is to give everything I have Everything I can
My aunt works long days and nights Scouring pages of legalities To protect each human’s rights Because she couldn’t stand idle and watch fatalities Gained from hovering oppression and plight
All I ever wanted Was for my bisexual cousin 2 feel safe Walking with her partner and not worry 'bout some fucktard trying to rape her straight All I ever wanted Was to find love
Am I a role model? / A question I ask myself/ A past life of blunts and bottles/ New life, new thoughts, new self/ Pondering what goals in life are mine/ Is this me or someone else/
I’m a human being I make mistakes; make risks to take I determine my life, prevent results, regulate my fate You can give advice But it’s my life. Don’t theorize a comprise
She's in chains. She's behind bars. She's alone. But she's innocent until proven guilty?   He trespassed. He raped. He murdered.
  The world is truly made by the sum of all its parts.  
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
Why are there still people out there that just love to hate? Based upon the color of their skin and their race Every individual possesses different traits Is it even possible to change these people's ways?  
If an Author is a job than believe me my life will be changed. I sit and pondered on what is it I want to do for the rest of my life. It came clear to me that it would be to write.
I look and see greatness and admiration. I always have to look pass my procrastination. I would like to change that so I could get more things done.
My soul mate             One day             I find myself fly away             Leave this world             Above the stars               Back again
Never letting go of me                         Shifting, thinking, bending             You twist my body             Whirling me around             Glamorous  
They’re ungrateful; they got themselves in that position; they’re just being lazy,One man I served at a soup kitchen even said-“you spend too much time helping us; you will become one of us”.
you are the stars i gaze at every single night you are the sun i wake to with its rays of golden light you frolic in my orangejuice and snuggle in my bread you've nestled in my heart and you've rooted in my head
If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it.  For we already have the capability to rearrange it.  We are a feeling species. Full of love and of hate. Yet we cannot appretiate that fact.   
Death, pain, and sorrow. That's all that seems to follow.
We are not voiceless. Rise up with your voice and shout. EQUAL IS EQUAL.
We are Huma
Regular girls played hopscotch and dress up They pretended to be grown up. Except for me. I had to be grown up. I was not pretending.   Left to fend for myself every night
Out of place, he sits there. As though ignorant Of judgment and pity. Dirt in the creases of his coat, the pleats of his scarf, the wrinkles of his face Disappearing into his aged beard.
Fight Another Hour By Jesse Yelvington   Screw you for saying who and what I’m ‘supposed’ to be, Though I hope you know that nothing you could say will ever change me;  
A red robin and a man crossed paths Said the Robin: "Oh how I long to walk and run along the earth and ground" with a sad sigh the man said "And how I long to fly 
Teach me the words that romance your soul. I need to know how to take control Of your emotions, well yours and mine, Before at the seams I start to unwind.   I just can't stop the speed of my mind
She's beautiful.She drinks, smokes and parties all night every time she can,No one has truthfully told her she's beautiful, She thinks she's not worth it, 
"Look at the obvious, only feel for the "natural", God told me. "Don't smell the pink flowers, only the blue", the media said. "Pull yourself to the inside and push from the out", school taught me.
  If they don't know your dreams They can't shoot them down. Open your eyes child, those pyros are burning 'round. Emptyed my bowl filled with hopeless immunities.
Up ahead, amid the dirt lies the fence. Tall and wide, black and tied it stands. It's forbidden, it's inhumane. For it separates people, and people's pain.
Did you know? Did you know that right now, in this very second, there are people crossing? This very second, people running, walking, stumbling, falling… maybe never to get up again, all the water, all the life,
Angry tears Arched across my zygoma Flowing with rage...It’s colorful I can't think... my mind eclipse by sublte animosity Through holes I've imprinted with malice
Dragging, Lagging You don't seem to mind Hauling, Falling They're getting behind The well's run dry But what do you do? You spend and you lie About what they've gone through Dragging, Lagging
I felt a genocide in my soul And dictators of the centennial Kept marching, marching till it seemed Hope was springing detrimental
A Counsel Averting the Burning of Our World By R. M. Otto
Shoes against pavement, Head towards the ground, Trying to keep out the noises, Trying to keep out the sound.
We, the inferior peoples of the world outside the First World, more specifically outside the Great Yankee Empire; and most specifically those of us inhabiting the primitive island of Africa;
To move on is to grow; We must take this as fact. To see is to know; We mustn't think only after we act. Can we change the way we’re living before it consumes and devours all that contains meaning within us?
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