Love, Loss, and Sabotage

Teach me the words that romance your soul.

I need to know how to take control

Of your emotions, well yours and mine,

Before at the seams I start to unwind.


I just can't stop the speed of my mind

When it travels off to worlds I'm inclined

To remember, where we heard the knolls

Of the bells as they rang out their tolls

Despairing the fact that our time is done, 

And there's no safe place left under the sun

Where we can hide from those deft hands

That deal to us their reprimands.


Our love, sweet love, they have banned,

And we must sit back and obey their command.

Well, not today. I'm getting the gun.

You're getting the pills. Oh, this will be fun.

We'll show them all. They'd never have guessed

That we'd be so clever that we could best

Them at their own game we shouldn't have played.

The greatest of skills will now be displayed.


I take the pills. We are unafraid.

You take the gun. We have disobeyed.

With my last breath the trigger I pressed.

It ended our lives. Now begins lover's rest.


Woe to the traveler that goes down the wrong path,

And woe to the lover that puts up with their wrath.

The wrath of one scorned is no laughing matter.

Filled with blind rage, they will end in disaster.


Make way! Make way as they're led to their slaughter!

Lets chop off their heads. Let their blood run like water.

They've committed a sin thats worthy of death.

They've defended their love to their shaky last breaths.


I'll never understand what drives them so.

When everything around them screams to let go,

They cling to each other no matter the lies

That were forced down their throats. They do not realize

That they weren't in love, that their feelings were fake,

That we made them this way, and icing on the cake

Was they fell for the lies, and so we have won.

At the moment they kissed, their deaths had begun.


Their bodies beheaded and thrown in their grave.

Despite all our efforts, to each other they clave

Not to be pulled apart for the rest of their days

As the ground rises up and blocks out sun rays.

They fade into dark, and will soon be forgotten.

And every night, though their bodies are rotten,

They come out to haunt those who go down the path

To warn them about a scorned lover's wrath.


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