Children Of Darkness

Rusted chains cling to their hearts, 

Darkness consumes them --

Children of Darkness? 

Or are they Children born in Darkness?--


They cannot hear faith told, 

For their ears are bound. 

They do not see love, 

For their eyes are forced to close. 


Chains like serpents, 

Ravel along their arms and legs-- 

Creating vines with thorns that bring thick blood. 

They cannot Scream, 

For they know no one can hear them,

Through this vicious torture. 


But one small light

Burns bright, opening their eyes.

One whisper, but a powerful voice, 

Breaks the bondage off their ears!

They see and hear the truth, 

For the first time they sense that they're safe. 

The Compassion of Jesus finally meets them-- 

The rusty chains fall off with a clink--

And their hearts pump new blood of vitality. 


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