A Job to Do


My aunt works long days and nights

Scouring pages of legalities

To protect each human’s rights

Because she couldn’t stand idle and watch fatalities

Gained from hovering oppression and plight

Yet all I do is sit here and write

And dream of using evil against itself

So they’ll see it’s not so charming in the light.

I see young girls work against themselves

But my tears feel so trite.

I need to stand up and fight.

If I set fire to myself

Maybe then I’d burn bright

Enough to keep them away

When they come late at night

To sink their teeth in their prey

Leaving only blood, screams, and spite.

For that I’ll spread out my wings.

I’ll bleed and scream, I’ll burst into flight

And we’ll see what my passion brings

When it’s thrown into a fight.

Oh yes, you’ll feel the full weight

Of my pen’s towering might

As it writes down the future of a truly free state

That protects each human’s rights

And doesn’t create laws from hate.

There is no clean slate

Though some still don’t realize

That stepping up to the plate

Is an area in which I specialize

So I’ll work hard to earn the legal right

And step off into this enterprise

To end legally backed hate

And modern day genocide


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