The Survival


We survive in a world of consumption

No compassion for the surrounding

How can we agree that we even live

 To survive is to move with the crowd

Living is the actions of emotions

We go about our days with no mind

He, she, and they do as demanded

With no questions asked about absurdness

Our thoughts; money on the mind

This culture believes happiness is cash?

Is that even a question to ask

He, she, and they fooled by materials

As a whole we consume with no muse

Tricked into the belief of happiness

The euphoria has disappeared

Wait there will be a new brand to be out

We shall toss out the old with no thought

No questions asked about who, where, and what

He, she, and they consume with no thought

No questions asked about who made it

It can be a minor too young to talk

It can be an over worked adult

It can be used on innocent beings

With no voice of consent with no choice

We do know who is, and we still consume

No questions asked about where it's from

it can be rare natural resources

Oh so rare only a third is left

It can be from an unknown foreign land

With a risk of bringing in disease

Yet we still proceed to turn the table

No questions asked about what it is

It can be toxic to the self being

It can be used for anything BUT

There are side effects of the "great" products

If it's so great what is in this can?

That's a risk we will take to have the new

We understand everything, still use

Why? Because it's not about living now

It's about surviving in a world

With no emotions and only new goods

This has been an emotional hit

I want a change with our perspectives

Not just he, she, and they but me to

I want a change of priorities now

I want the change of him, her, and them

I want the change for me as well to care

We need to not just understand it

We need to care about the future tense

I want this change for the sake of values

Our world will be nothing without care.






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