I Must


“Everything that needs to be done
Is the responsibility of everyone capable of doing it,”
I say.
I start my day
Reminding myself that the only way to live
Is to give everything I have
Everything I can
For everything there is
That isn’t as it should be.
They ask,
“Would he really live like that?”
“Would he really give a crap?”
I have no map
To guide me in what I do
But I do
Everything that I can
Just because I must
I’ll go bust
I’ll go broke.
They’ll call me a joke
As I call for revolution
But this pollution is intolerable
This society is unbearable
Human rights are not ignorable!
So I keep working.
I don’t care if they stare
If they laugh
If they poke fun.
They will not ignore
I’m sorry if my philosophy is a bore,
Let me take you on a tour of the real world.
People suffer.
People die.
Children cry as they lie starving in the streets.
So as long as my heart beats,
I will do what I must
Because I must
Because I can do what needs to be done.


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