Something About Her


The Way She Smiles and The Way She Touch

Her Beautiful Laugh and Her skin Color While She Blush

Soft As Feathers, Warms My Heart

I Play My Role and She Plays Her Part

When She walks With A Steady Beat

Every Step She Takes Is To The Beat Of My Heart

When She Turns Around and Smiles I Melt Inside As If Someone Set Fire To My Organs

When She Wraps Her Arms Around My Neck and Looks Me In The Eyes and Teases Me With A Kiss on the Nose

When I Grab Her Arms, she Stares Back At Me With the Most Beautiful Eyes I've Ever Seen

Dark Brown glowing Eyes, So Sweet and Serene

When I Hold Her from Behind, as Her Skin touches Mine

Goosebumps Form all over

Sweet, soft, slithery silky skin, My lucky charm, My Four Leaf Clover

But I wish that I can Call Her Mine; Today, yesterday, now and later

My days sunshine, My " Something about her". 



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