The Reason I Write


The other day I had someone ask me: "Hey why do you write"?
I thought to myself well why don’t you? 
I mean how else can I express what I and my people go through? 
It is my way of storytelling my way of protest showing how I feel.
It is the medicine to my pain the thing that makes me heal,
for when I am depressed and stressed poetry can asses how I feel. 
Through my pen I can be in charge I can be the one in power. 
With my words i can break people down like a falling sky scraper tower. 
I am able to change views through the words that I choose, 
but please do not get me confused I do not write for you to be amused 
I write to prove a point creating this piece was truly my choice
to show all the adults in the world that teenagers do have a voice,
for we speak the truth you see I represent the young,
write to show kids that they should never hold their tongue 
cause god put me on earth to create change to create an alteration 
and I believe he gave me the gift to write so I can make a transformation.
On this Earth on this globe 
write to unmask and I write to disrobe 
my deepest secrets that are captivated inside 
write to get them off my chest so I no longer have to hide.
write to touch souls to make people feel what im saying 
to help people see the vivid picture in my poetry im portraying 
when I write I am free of the emotions that create such a commotion in my mind
poetry allows me to unwine and find the answers that I seek 
through the words that I speak I am able to preach but 
the reason i write poetry the most is because through it I have the ability to teach 
those that don’t know, I am able to show the path of victory so that they can grow! 
Writing to me is just a freedom of expression 
a way to share my thoughts and let off tons of aggression!
On paper when I write I can shed my tears,
I can explain my fears 
In a matter of seconds the pain i felt disappears. 
Through my poetry pieces I can take different personas 
and write about different perspectives 
I can discover new ways of thinking it’s like being a detective!
write for many reasons and for many different cases 
I like to hear the mmms and see the reactions on everyones faces.
So the next time someone asks me: "Hey why do you write"?
i will not sit there without a clue 
this poem i will recite, 
and show them the reason i do what i do!


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