A name is so pure, with no meaning behind it

The people and stories are what truly define it

No matter how long or confusing the spelling

The name is not on which we should be dwelling


Regardless of gender, or color, or race

We can never know by just someone’s face

We have prejudice ideas of how people should act

Then we’re surprised to find that it’s rarely exact


Susie got caught with a knife in her hands

The blood of her victim stained the grounds where she stands

He owed her some money that he could not pay back

So she decided to give him a small simple hack

Now he’s dead on the floor and it’s all her fault

The drugs on her mind drove her assault


Tyler drove home from school one day

To find his mom drunk off some new chardonnay

He cleaned her up and tucked her into bed

But his friends never knew what he never said

He hid it well behind the uniform

Why he could never leave home to go dorm


Susie and Tyler are two sweet names

They both live on old mallbourey lane

In a suburban town, in the same school

The clique they belong to is considered cool

They hide in sheep’s clothing to blend with the crowd

They walk the school halls laughing and proud


We assume they are nice

We assume they are pure

Yet things are not as they seem

So go lock your doors


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