Land Of The Free

Land of the free they say, but it's the biggest lie to grace the ears of humanity.

Fast as a ticking clock, you're shot.

You're shunned, shoved, murdered based only on the gender you love.

Or based on your own gender,

forced to surrender to the anatomy of your body, even if that's not your story.

When did compassion become consumed in the firey passion of hate?

Placating to those who are "straight",

Watching in silence as the suicide rates climb sky high, Before our blind eyes.

When will it finally end?

Enemies becoming friends, accepting all sexualities regardless of biology?

Finally brave enough to stand up, stand out,

Realizing differences do not count as excuses for biterness and hate.

More than witnesses we must turn the tides, 

No longer along for the ride.

When will we finally embody the meaning of equal rights?

When will America finally be,

The land of the free?




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My country
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