Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state 

It is accepting that things need to be different and making a change based on that fact 

It is when steps are taken towards an ultimate goal of a better you, a better me, a better society 

It is change 

And I'm sorry to say that America has not progressed far enough to be considered “great”

America has not progressed far enough when there’s still hate

Spewing out of the mouths of people who do not accept our differences

Who are too busy being ignorant to care who they hurt

Ready to kill people because of church

And religion

Their dictionary definitions

Of “perfection”

Or as a like to call it the misdirection

Of racism, sexism, homophobia, human-hate

America please don’t say it’s too late

For us to heal and rejoice

Knowing that everyone has a choice

They could spread evil

or acknowledge that we’re just people

ready to improve the human race

by letting progression take place

We need to remember that America is about equality for all

It’s not about how fat or skinny, how short or tall

I want love for all

America stop building walls

That block certain individuals from feeling safe

Making them question if they really live in the “United” States

Still, America I believe in you

You could be great

If you stop letting love trump hate

I want more than I expect

Better than the Donald Trump elect

No more violence 

No more being righteous

No more excuses 

No more human abuses

America has progressed in the past  

And it will again

If we all remember

That we are brothers and sisters, lovers and friends

Who are ready to make America great again


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