The Futures Past


They say that African history is a mystery 
In schools they teach little boys and girls 
about Conrad but not the misery 
that Leopold and Stanley 
so gladly put my people through. 
They show young children 
that White skin is the right skin 
and dark skin? Who cares?
Their goal is to keep people of color unaware 
but what kind of message does that show?
Kids grow yet do not know 
that some of the greatest writers and artists are  beautifully Black. 
What they teach in these history books lacks facts. 
Wangari and Achebe have been the spark of this transformation 
to see Africans and the diaspora living in a thriving healthy nation 
away from the devastation, AIDS, and the overwhelming starvation
that according to Dambisa Moyo is often caused by Western donations. 
The biggest challenge for Africa is education.
Change will come when truth is taught to the future generations. 
For knowledge is strength 
and strength gives warrant for revisions 
and it is imperative as a race 
that we start making our own decisions. 
There should be no more divisions 
for we must unite 
if we want to see the future of Africa 
progress and take flight!


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