My life was like a loaded gun
Waiting for someone to use me
Waiting to be pointed in any direction
My reflection was silver bullet clean
My look was mean mugging me
Then a wise man came and said
It was time for change So I
Rearranged my thoughts ; his words
Shot me back into reality
He told me that he perferred a more
Non violent approach, and that it was the silence of my presence
That was most deadly
Mama always said huney use your mouth
Use your words for too long we have been silenced
Now we are falling back into the trap of society
Of being known for being too loud
Because we are black. 
But let me retract and bring back the facts. 
Our ancestors took lashes for saying their name
Now in vein we remain silent
Too silent, too afraid so we hold our voices
Deep in our throats as if we have the right to remain silent
For anything that u say or do
Will be the deciding factor of life
...or death
In case u didnt catch it
Let me reflect.
Death or life decided to be or do or can. Or say anything remain not to write to have you like you have the right to remain silent.
For anything you say can and will be the deciding factor of life or death.
So speak. Speak up. Speak out. Speak loud speak now 
For too long we have seen ourselves as victims
When in reality we are victors
How could i see myself as powerless when i serve a god who is all powerful
Im telling you that as i spoke these words i could hear my heart speak
My mouth beat and it reminded me of my favorite poet.
Who once said silence is deadly
No wonder they say speak now or bang bang forever hold your peace.
So my brother speak, my sister speak
I will not rest in peace but i will rest in pieces trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that has me puzzled and perplexed because i think its perposterous that you allow fair to prevent u from reaching your purpose
 So cherish your words
Let these words move you to change
Andbif this is my last request please
Open your mouth and speak
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