Together Understand

Shoes against pavement,
Head towards the ground,
Trying to keep out the noises,
Trying to keep out the sound.

So different in a world
With no two things alike,
But people judge no matter,
A hard battle strike.

Hold your head up strong,
You're beautiful being you,
If only people would understand,
There's one thing that's true.

We decide to judge others
Based on what we think,
Never realizing
It's us who is on the brink.

But why judge
When we don't want the same,
We wouldn't want
A bad kind of fame.

We're all different,
It's what makes us human.
We're one in each other,
Together we can.

But put aside your judgement,
Sit down and understand.
We're all in this together,
Human is a brand.

So open your heart,
Open your mind.
There's only one way to be,
To create a bind.

Put aside your thoughts,
Put aside your judgements,
Know someone for who they are,
Not just their commitments.

Be confident in your moves,
Never falter.
Seek out the inevitable,
Speak at the alter.

Simple feats will create
A life worth changing,
Start your days now,
Start rearranging.

Lift up someone's spirits
With a smile of your own,
You can't make a difference
When you yourself are a groan.

Be understanding
And lend your entire being,
Take another under your wing
And realize just how freeing.


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