Division of Religion

Sun, 06/01/2014 - 17:52 -- hduane

What is time?

I've never understood.

It's how we measure our lives,

but i'm not sure that we should.


We don't expect to live,

but yet, we breathe.

We continue to stay here and Be.

It's some sort of scheme,

somebody's plan.

The quesion is "whose?"

some say, The Big Man.


The man in the sky,

the one teaching us "right"

from our "wrongs"

If we should judge no other,

then who is he to judge us?

If we're different, then so be it.

There is no reason to hate us.


So why the war?

And the constant rage?

We don't want it anymore.

Acceptance is the key to love,

but instead you hate us more.

There's been enough rejection

and shame for being true.

Dear man up above,

don't you know

that the real monster here

is you?


You've been telling them lies;

to deny the rights to anyone

who doesn't believe

that there's only one right way

to go about being a human being.

Trying to unify the people,

but dividing them further,

the hatred and violence

doesn't seem to bother

the ones that you've blinded

with that little black book

full of lies.




Emily Arce

This is a really great poem. I share your point of view completely.

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