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i finely think i relizzed the definition of love it is cuz she is cute! it is because she cares about you and you care about her
you know when the mirror fogs up after you shower, that's like your life as it slowly fades away and you start seeing clearly it's like most of the moments that you lived disappear into the fog, and when it clears up and you start realiz
The tree whispers I walked outside The wind pushed her Our path began to collide
There comes a time for self-reflection When we view our life without affection As we peer deep into our souls We see a darkness as it unfolds Then we look at life and can’t help but brood
...I wasn’t always like this you know, there was a time when I saw beauty in life, electricity in the magnificent mechanics of life,
Every event of life is an act of realization. It is the life of that particular soul to wake up and feel what it is to be human. U wouldn't see the light if u weren't aware of the dark.
 The sun dipped into the swelling sea, Fading into the Horizon, The beautiful glow, Tinting the water with golds and pinks, The Horizon embraced the sun.  
Hidden behind posters, Behind words, Behind screens.  A voice, a voice  Shouting in a tunnel, Bouncing off the walls,
One day you wake up and something seems different, You can’t quite figure out what it is that instant. So many people you were friends with seem immature and kid-like, Comparing them to you is like night and day light.
The cool wind on our faces The happy smiles all around As children, our favorite places Included being on the playground  
Never Be The Same I will never be the same as that girl the past three years   Because of that girl, I've been living in fear Because of that girl, my future won't be clear Many mistakes have been made
Alexis Garrison  26 June 2019    On My Own   There’s a time in your life  when the skies aren’t so blue,  and the sun doesn’t shine so bright    There’s a time in your life 
I got high off the scent of the Juliet roses. The beautifully wicked smell of the Juliet roses.
Little Girl   That little girl who no longer sits at the table, quailing away from the green monstrosities She forages for the ripest of them all Cooked or raw, she isn’t picky
Thinking back to my childhood, Everything was all well and good. Having fun without any worry, But now I'm all in a hurry. I have to study, focus, stay ahead. I don't even have time to sleep in my bed.
What is a "safe life"?  I call B.S. There is no such thing.  These two words have no connection No rhyme or validation 
you don’t really know me you know what I put on Instagram, and what I tweet about on Twitter or what I hide behind these Snapchat filters.  but truthfully you don’t really know me
I am not worth your time, Not worth your love Your affection Your effort Your praise Your care  
Texas, Terra Hute, & Las VegasPlaces I've only heard of But now I got friends all over the country Only used to have summer jobsBut now I gotta work year roundGotta make rent, buy groceries Just signed my second lease everI dont feel any older
The bridge to maturity is the one I've never wanted to cross I love feeling younger, in my childhood is where I choose to be lost Responsibilities are too much work, I dont like to stress
We go to great measures, Just to ensure we have the right gestures. For in a world where we have to earn, Shows us how much we have to learn.
Change can be sudden Change can be slow Change may not be felt Change can be subtle  
I am seven, in my room, dreaming once again I'm a captain, I'm a knight, I know who I am I can be just anyone, whenever I want I'm a brave, ambitious dreamer No one tells me "Don't" Suddenly, I am eighteen,
Eleven ounces lighter, I stepped on the gas pedal, Eleven ounces lighter I had to push a little harder. Breathe.Leaving home was too easy. The goodbyes were only temporary. But, what made it difficult was leaving her.
  Inches For Austin   You You brilliant little one   Your big, brown eyes And your tangled eyelashes  
dear joy, i.
I know that that is not them I know that I am not acting myself Standing in this room surrounded I feel alone   Face Forward
the Corners of my life were my home. pushed into the spaces in between—unseen, side by side, shoulder to shoulder beside other shadows of Perfection.  
Soul Able Animal Celestial Bodies Functioning Skeleton Brain Blood and Bones  Material Light Forming Being Spiritual Physical and Mind Bodies
Damp, Cold, Fluorescent lights fill the room; Rows of chairs lined up column after column; The musky aroma fills the lungs with every anxious breath.    Bodies I have never seen before lingering into the room;
It's easy to paint, they say It's easy to draw, paint, and sketch without thinking Thinking about nothing Nothing that turns into, perhaps Something?   It's not as easy as you think
You didn't love me Because you didn't know how to love You only knew how to play So indeed you played, With my heart. My feelings. My time. My life. My mind.  
Every time I had to deal with your altitude Every single problem ranges in amplitude Breaking my barrier with your end behavior
For such a long time, I thought I understood long term relationships and that anyone can have them at any age Specifically my own personal demographic But suddenly A switch flipped And a light bulb flickered
Dear Mr. Anonymous, What is life like being a mystery?   Is it lonely, and empty, Or is it full of soul?     Do ever become tired or bored
I had all of you, Most of you. Loving you, Close to you.   You meant the most to me
dear boy i almost gave everything to, i am not a glistening bar of solid authentic gold, i am not a crystal clear 50 karat diamond, i am not a smooth pearl that shimmers in the sun.   i am a ruby.
It teaches you who you are And shows you what you’re becoming The foundation To healthy relationships So that you’re not left there stumbling There’s only one person I’ve ever fallen in love with
Liar I have one for him and for her I have one for them and for us I have one for you and for me   The lies they come The lies they go From here and there They appear  
I wake up knowing that I don't have to worry anymore about whether or not I am loved by someone. When the sun would shine its rays through my blinds, I would look away in fear of witnessing another day alive.
And I drank water not to quench my thirst, but to repel my hunger. And I writhed  when someone made me eat. And I couldn't mask the feeling that something was eating me
Maybe it was him. 
Maybe it was me. 
Maybe it was the world around us that never wanted us to be. 
Maybe it was the wrong time to give us a try.
Maybe there was a hello that started with a goodbye.
Snow White cannot fight Her soul’s become cold Like White Snow. She must go. Sharp memories like icicles Dangerously dangling
She believed that it was true, reality.The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.The laugh, the voice, the comfort.Complete silence, and pure happiness.She soon found out that it was a moment.
There was once a boy, real small and coy.He didn't know that soon the land would end.Staring down he found a rock, too much to understand.String kept falling from the sky, there was no reason to ask why.
Excitement! Pure, genuine, no other word for it- Excitement, Powerful and all-consuming joy.   When eyes were wondrously wide and smiles idly innocent, Just thinking about it brought delightful ideas,
America the Great, for what we are known for. Living in the Mid-West I feel every season. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, all in one.  The hot summer days are gone before the blink of an eye with winter on its way. 
 Open up your sleepy eyes Darling Wake up from your dream This isn't paradise Face reality as it seems
Times have changed and I’m aboard the timeless train. The clock goes tick tock and I watch dimensions pass me by ...In attempt to hold onto past circumstances,
Beeps of the monitor wake me He’ll make it through wait and see He’s still not moving And now I’m shaking Crying out, holding his hand
the damage isn’t done, we convince ourselves as we sit in a row on the curb sunken arms draped over our knees.   a hodgepodge congregation of prayers in vain, because who is there to ask
    Today, it finally hit me; that moment of realization. I remember the days in my life that were so horrible and low. I remembered the moment, but not the feeling.
Deliberate and focused I have stopped here at the entrance of the cemetery, pondering the many different diverse deceptions
Since I was a kid I have always looked toward the future; Being a high school senior seemed so exciting. I looked forward to the prom, to the football games,
I started the year as any other  I never thought I could learn so much Or grow so much The year was like an unpaved road  But it sure was a trip It started out with Insecurities
Life is full of realizations. Some bad, some good. You realize a lot of things in one year, I know I did. I realized,
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
    When do you become me?   Is it when she broke our heart?   Is it when we stayed up for hours with our new friends?  
January, February were the months of good packing snow, packing snow on my crippled carcass in cumbersome coats. I lay there and let your bitter cover me.
In the course of an hour, I had stared into the eyes of my enemy. I said nothing. I did nothing, I swear to it. 
The door closes  Inhale your sorrow into your lungs Breathe in insanity clouded smoke Bury the hatchet underneath the willows
Everyday momma would take me to the window    she would sit me on her lap   reach across and open the curtains     Sweetie, What do you see?   I see children laughing momma   
When I was younger, life meant forever. Forever was an orange. Lingering pith strands stuck beneath nail beds. Palms faintly yellowed from the mist  which clung to clothes like a child.
Barren stems more than emptiness -within the confines of lost and broken,resilient as beauty is -Hope that awakens in white flowersto kiss you dreams that you areso welcome to take. 
I am a man, An American man of African and Hispanic descent, Our forefathers and foremothers frequencies suggest they are turning circles in their graves and pits. They dreamt of freedom and we enslave ourselves,
If we live everyday with the blinds closed, we will never notice if the sun has set or if the moon has risen, rather life takes a standstill.  
The "damsel in distress" no longer has a romance to it not to me shut up, I won't shut up I mean, it's not my fault I have purple butterfly wings that no-one sees It's not my fault I'm the moon
A mountain to climb, an emotional high A divot in our path, and suddenly we crash Into the ocean, drowning in waves I lie in bed, pleading for you to stay A sky to navigate The Great Unknown
I used to think it was normal To cry for three hours about nothing. That it was normal To think about dying at least once a day.
growing up I was taught that the straighter and more constraint my hair was then the neater it looked blow dry it, flat iron it and just put it away and why? because for some reason
The fact that I cannot have him Does not make me want to Roll over and die. It makes me want to scream from the hill tops Because I am pissed.   I am pissed that he cannot see
Tall buildings litter the streets As I walk I look up and say “Wow, you know what these buildings remind me of?” I look to my side and realize I am walking alone
A genuine smile stretched cheek to cheek When she realized the haze that had made her so weak Was gone from her life, thrown away just to be A memory: undoubtedly sad but finally!
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
Every time you smile Every time you laugh  I can't stop smiling Every time you move  Every time you dance I can't stop watching Every time you talk  Every time you sing
My words are truthful how you take them is on you  You can take it the wrong way and feel some type way Or you can understand what I'm trying to say, take my words into consideration
When I entered middle school it wasn't quite as I had planned
You gave me lovely roses,           And so I never peeled their petals.
Sitting on the outside of the prison cell stari
Perhaps it is human nature to seek out hidden things? Or is it just to reach for things unseen? The mysteries of the mind are unsolved, and will remain as such.
My life is kind of hectic  Like a completed checklist When I look back on my life I see that I have dropped some fine dimes
Let me start off by saying god bless you The world's greatest philosopher couldn't fathom the words to express you We tend to lose all hope and live in regret Meanwhile the world continues to spin and time is being spent
I didn’t even want to write this poemI wasn’t sure what was the pointTo pour your heart into somethingWhen there’s always someone better out thereSomeone better at accurate alliteration
A bubbling Laugh, a warm Smile,
I sometimes lie awake at night
Do I have to have a destination if I decide to runaway? Or would I end up in the perfect place for me? We'll, see. We'll have to see. Let's wait and see. 'Cus I noticed the sun hates taking breaks,
I feel that I should write but I don't know what to say I'm not sure how I feel on this glorious day On one hand, it's good to be alive Then again, I can't seem to make up my mind  
On the left, the lust who yearned for love, On the right, the love whom was never loved.   Together an iron triangle full of deceit. Only the hearts on the side trruly beat.  
Daddy dearest, I hide behind your cloak and giggle as we play. You teach me to swim, to hunt, to ride, and to be far more than just any girl.
I can make believe that I don't feel this way
I wish things wouldn't be so rough
It was a pleasant night I was about to sleep when my phone rang
As the sun peaked through your window, it woke me with its sweet rays. Hugging me gently, just as my mother did back in those days.
My mind's boggled up inside sometimes I don't think straight, I don't know
if i died today i bet no noise'll
This is my poem.
Deep in the mass of mystical thoughts,
The shear overdriving of coldness waves upon the surface if my skin
She never thought the day would come; When pen, paper, and she, were one,  but what was a young foreign girl to do ? When no one could hear her silent cries. All she had was her notebook, who promised to hear.
Roses are red Violets are blue
Listen carefully as the sand stirs still in a barren land of thoughts and dreams. How quietly the wind does sing; how distant beingness seems.   And there, but one, stand you alone,
Today I arose to find you not there beside me. I don't know what part of me expected your prescence, but Your absence disappointed me just the same.
Wisps of dreams To win the mean
Personally I believe
My heart ached as I put my pen to the paper, dreading what would come next.
simply let me say two words I'm sorry And you can try me, yes try me 'Cause I promise you I'm tryin myself Tryna hid my own Identity  I am your babygirl And I know thats what I'll always be
Hello beautiful,I'll write you letters in blood.Intestines and organs.I'll play you songs on a single stringAnd sourly sing along.I'll make a book of ideas.Then never show them off.Hello beautiful,
It isn't that you were forced to give up, but how easily you gave up.
How come they say time heals all pain?
Everyday I sit quietly Wishing to say Everything I've ever wanted But I can't seem to cave Yet with friends I'm so different Its crazy to see  How quiet and shy a person I can be
Time keeps passing, the world still turns I’d hoped I’d moved on, but the passion still burns I know you still feel it, there’s no way you don’t
Point your finger at Me, For I am the only target to see. I was blind And I was naive. I didn't see How I affected you, Or how I affected Me.  But time has passed,
I hate myself But the saddest thing is I hate myself because you told me to Because you told me I wasn't good enough Because you screamed at me
My green eyes Gaze against my nearly translucent skin, Then flicker across buildings Of mirrors and concrete, With blurry lights, As rainwater descends, Before pelting my crimson coat,
  I can explain, no, not really   I keep having these dreams,   You had those fake cigarettes once,   Your eyes were reflecting off of something,  
As we lie awake tonight Take some time to wonder why Everything we know is gone Everything we knew was wrong And as it goes across your eyes The light begins to die And as we lie awake tonight
The glassy smooth water of early morning was gradually changing.The lake was waking up and so was I.The waves, now creeping up the beach, marked the start of another day of hard work.The small house was a fixer-upper located right on the shore of
The pale moon floats in the sky I wake up in the dead of night These are the nights that I despise Where there is no hope, no light It is always Dark - Countless thoughts Afraid I’m the only one
A Sick Child Lies In The Bed By His Side to God His Mother Plead To Take Away His Pain As Chemo Spread Through His Veins He Knew He’d Rather Be Sick Than Dead
As I close my eyes, as so to speak I feel these visions, as though in sleep I see my hopes, I run to them I see my fears, I hide from them I see all the things I want to see And dread the rest that come at me
How silly of me to have expectations. Did I forget you were human just like I? The simple fact that we are human proves that I should have no expectations for you.
Remember that time? When we swore we were perfect Ironically in love with each other’s imperfections Barely leaving any space between us to take in the recollections.
As you stare out the window of your quickly moving train car, the landscape, blurred, is ashen and bare, and the pitter-patter of rain on the thin metal roof never stops.  
The Idea alone Is enough to infatuate. It inhabits your every thought Like Well….., An idea. You can see it Like it’s the present. Or at least the near future,
Darkened skies, and places of dismayViolence, deaths are the best way to describe todayMalevolent personalities and families that strayHomeless people, jobless people, tend to struggle everyday
Thump, Thump on the shower walls, As the water falls, Steam of pleasure. Diamonds on a trembling hand, Smiles of naivety, Wickedness behind her eyes, Causing blindness with her stare.
  What am I gonna do when you’re gone? Because you couldn’t let anybody in to hear the cries of your sad song. So tell me what am I gonna do when you’re gone?
The paradise child Fell from convenience Onto the concrete The asphalt Did not taste of sweetness But of fear
Who am I? Where does my path lead? Will I achieve what I'm expected to be? Who will help me? Am I now on my own? How do I stop from feeling so utterly alone?
What the fuck have I become? Do you see the world that surrounds us? Do you see the hate in all their eyes? And when you look back, Do you see that same hate in yours?   Our children are dying!
Many people believe that time is moneySome add that money isn't everything thoughBut for me, time is simply trickyIt's the reason why I'm at a point so low
Sparks had caught, Heavy love arose, Time traveled away, A rift then grows.   Flames lick the corridors of my soul, Warming me up, Then burning me whole.  
Society is large and society is vast. We learn about our history and past. As we learn about it was anticipate the future. We ask many questions of what it will be like to our teachers or tutor.
My whole life used to be sdrawkcab. I could never find inner peace. As I have found serrenity through poetry. I am no longer sdrawkcab and I live life with ease. I found it through hip hop.
The floetry, the poetry The words no longer flow like trees The pain he felt, the more we see The links of him down to her "v" The moet she pours up as he Feels that the love is all she needs
Am I good enough? But wait, why am I stressing out? Just do my best, that's all I can do this I can do this I can do this Telling myself wasn't good enough. Isn't good enough
Under-weight In a top heavy competition, We look to you, Dear surgeon. Please. Fix our awkward bods Into mirrored perfection Of a catalog Model And say to us finally,
I wake up to the warm morning sun. Already has this terrible moment begun? Outside the window I see many individuals pass, And out on the pavements that’s where they express their wraths.
Back in 1776, when America was formed Being held by the goverment was never-more. Free to do as we wish, to keep power in our hand And with that dream we built a grand country across this land  
Whispers in my head  The stranger voice that pulled my ebb, my flow  I look around me  These whispers became visible, ribbons of mist    Influences pulling, gnawing 
Baby Brother If only you knew what a great sister I wanted to be for you. If only you knew what Daddy had planned for you. If only you knew how happy Mom was to have you.
They've been asking me my whole life what I want to be when I grow up After 20 years, I still have no clue, But I know what I want to be like, and who,
Talk about atrocities in a world of animosity, focused on the bureaucracy and ignoring the humanity, the insanity in doing the same thing again, the worlds fucked now cuz it was fucked then,
Growing Up By: Ashley Raquel Wilson
Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe Along the silver line - Others twisting, twirling In daring deeds sublime! Cautiously a crawler To unknown world beyond - Others singing, dancing, Above the sparkling pond.
She bangs her head upon the wall She’ll learn it well or take the fall Mistakes repeated blindness wield New before old wounds have healed Injustice, target, is the claim But only choices bad remain
city stars twinkle above dragonflies wet grass flattens under our bodies’ core the flirty wind plays with us and replies to questions of bubbles we blew before
She looks at the woman’s familiar face The one that has been the same every day for eighteen years New creases appear that weren’t there before When did she get so old? Just yesterday they were playing, laughing,
Tick Tock The bell screams I wait... and wait... And finally the show begins. HIs lip quivers with thoughts HIs eyes staring, imploring with the deepest green It's only a moment, yet I feel it
I am left staring at your ghost of a smile, Until your lips find mine And take me away To another thought, To no thought. Only a hunger for more Of you, of me, For both of us together.
Apparitions of my innocence appear to me Sincerely I can say I miss those days dearly Back when I was young and couldn't see the world clearly I'm screaming warnings to a ghost hoping that it's hearing me
The months of waiting and tears Lead to this moment; Where I can finally hold you again, And hear your heartbeat, And breathe you in. It's been too long since i've seen you're smile And your eyes,
Your troubles were my troubles, your struggles I made my own. What I got in return was nothing more, but pain. Now what do I have to show, I am nothing but alone. My eyes watered like rain, you made me feel so insane.
Do you remember, The night of the fifth In September? On that cold and rainy day, When I came and took you away. The feeLings I felt, Were much more then just beneath my belt. Then the holidays came...
Its been 24 hours since yesterday, I know u might think That I exaggerate but I just can't explain' This feeling is suffocating me, Cuz I know yours aren't the same' that you thought they were...
When I was a kid, I thought the world was like the one in the cartoons The hero dressed in his red, white, and blue would always fly in and save the day
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