Apology to my mother


let me say two words

I'm sorry

And you can try me, yes try me

'Cause I promise you I'm tryin myself

Tryna hid my own Identity 

I am your babygirl

And I know thats what I'll always be

I push you away canstantly

Because I wish you were closer to me

So I'll say it again

These two small words

Im sorry

And all I got is these two small words, but-

This whole complication is to let you know that I'm concened

I'm your babygirl

I've made life hard 

Haven't made it at all easy

And I'm sorry, sorry, so very sorry

I've made a huge mistake

And what I really want to say is that Im the mistake

But if that was true God would've never put me here with you

I was selfish

On my own

Tryna do it all alone

So now i realize

You're in my life for a reason

So Im sorry for my selfish attitudes

And my cruel unfair ways

For they have passed

And they won't be coming back for another day

So that basically sums up all I got to say

But wait !

I know these two small words

Just might not do 

But I also want to say...

I will ALWAYS love you


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