Things I like about me


I didn’t even want to write this poem
I wasn’t sure what was the point
To pour your heart into something
When there’s always someone better out there

Someone better at accurate alliteration
Someone that makes metaphors that make you go
This blows that guy out of the water
Why would he even submit this

I don’t have life experience
I have nothing bad or emotional to write about
I’ve always had food on the table
Clothes on my back
What right do I have to complain
What did I really overcome?

I would like to say I’m strong
I’m not
I’m weak
I still have my whole life ahead of me,
But when she left, I felt like my world was crashing
Over a girl, come on, walk it off

But what do I like about myself…

I give my mom hugs and tell her I love her,
Well there’s that

I make time to spend with my family
There’s that

For some reason I’m really proud that I make straight A’s
And although that’s just academic, it’s something I work at

I may not be the strongest at the gym, but I come almost every day
And although I lost control, and gained some weight,
I’m working on it

And I know that every fat percentage I lose,
Puts back some time on the clock
I mitigate the chance my parents have to experience that loss
Because no parent wants to bury their child,
Especially over something that can be controlled, or reversed
Unclog the arteries

And although  I’ve got this bald spot on my head,
Stretch marks on my tummy, and the fact I still say tummy,
I like seeing what I see in the mirror, because that’s me

In fact, I wouldn’t trade any part of my life
For that of another
Even though sometimes I like to compare-
His abs to my flab
And his face to mine
Given the choice
Every time, I choose myself

And I know it sounds stupid
But when my parents look at me,
They don’t see my flaws,
They see me

And one day when I’m older-
I’ll be able to pass it down
Pass down the gift of having someone look down-
Down at your round soft face,
In the arms of his momma,
And say “you’re flawless”


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My family
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