Self Reflection and The Common App


Am I good enough?

But wait, why am I stressing out?

Just do my best, that's all

I can do this

I can do this

I can do this

Telling myself wasn't good enough. Isn't good enough

It filled my mind with doubts of the world

Can you really get to your dream?

Can you really have a true friend or two?

Can you not be you?

How am I not going to be me?

Why is it shameful to still play pokemon at 17?

Why can't I sit and read Sherlock Holmes and Percy Jackson and The Olympians?

Why is watching the Phantom of The Opera for the umpteenth time wrong?

They will say "It is not normal."


The 2 syllables bit my confidence. Everyday they take pieces.

While I sit in school, I question why can't I be smart?




But I know I should ask qhy isn't it okay to be just me?

It shouldn't be bad to eat a cookie

to sing out loud with my friends in the halls

to not wear makeup

Wondering if I'm good enough is wrong

Because I am

No one is going to say different

If you do bye

I don't need your judgement

I'll leave behind those who said no in my wake

I'll beat them like I beat those boys in a race in 1st grade

I'll be brave enough to show myself someday, but I'll never let them tell me no


And this ran circles in my head why I looked at the Common App Essay Prompt


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