Time Hasn't Healed Anything


How come they say time heals all pain?
I guess that's true for some
With me,it just doesn't pertain
I tried to ignore ya
You agreed to all of that
At first I felt in my heart 
it was the right choice to make
Now i sit and cry,in my dismay
It was a fairy-tale in the beginning
So much love filled us both
Then it disfigured and turned
into a nightmare I wasn't waking from
Had to get away while I was still sane
You held on tight,i was suffocating
Saying you were over me
but you were up under me
Now I try to remember the good times
Reminiscing bout the past
has me in tears,cause I waited
waited in vain,for so long
for a change,that wasn't destiny
I think though,in another life
it would have turned out expectantly
Maybe we didn't try hard enough
Made to many mistakes
Maybe we were too young
Maybe it's too late
Trying to piece it all together
has this girl questioning fate
how come ever since
we parted ways, I've been 
questioning my decision
Guess i didn't see the big picture
Now my heart is feeling heavy


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