A Step Ahead

A genuine smile stretched cheek to cheek

When she realized the haze that had made her so weak

Was gone from her life, thrown away just to be

A memory: undoubtedly sad but finally!

She could breathe once again, point her eyes to the sky

Absorbing new light, beginning to fly

Understanding her life was for her, and no other

For who could give up so much as a bother

For people who use you, mistreat you, excuse

The actions they place and then neglect to choose

Not her, she decided, to grin and let go.

Believing the best for herself, but to know

How disheartening and lonely forgetting would be,

What is meant to take place so soon she would see.

Overlooked and discarded, the memories would fade

She hoped for this as new ones were to be made.

Excited she was, to abandon her fears

And release rotten trials she learned throughout years.

With a confidant step she began to create

Her pathway through life, possessing her fate. 


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