Remember the Night

The snowflakes hit my front window

I think about the faces in the other cars

What they’re thinking and where they’re going

What plans they’ve already made


I fall into my own mind

Relapsing the thoughts of their lives instead of mine

It’s very relaxing to me

I can’t think of any other pastime so great


The lights ricocheted off the sky in the fog

It was snowing but it wasn’t icy

It was completely fine

It’s the kind of night where people say “it’s a blizzard out”

I just look at it and say, “it’s a challenge but I’l take it”

And in this challenge I found a kind of beauty that I loved

When the fog hit the sky and the sky turned a blazing purple


A man jumps in front of my car and yells

“What’s the point of life anymore”

I look at him as if this is a dream

As if he did not really just catapult in front of my car


I think about those faces

And I think about how many of them are returning to loved ones

I think about those faces

I don’t even know


When I pass the houses

I wonder how many people are screaming in

orgasmic esctacy

In such haze

They will remember these emotions forever

Even in a fog of pixelated memory


This man jumps in front of my moving vehicle

His eyes red

His hands clutched to his chest

And bellows

“What’s the point of life anymore”

Or more so

“Where did my inspiration go”

I turn the key to stop the ignition

Even though we’re in the middle of the road

Cars shoot past us

Their lights creating bright lines in our eyes

I go and walk up to this man

Who is shaking like the brittle branches above us

And instead of giving him a romantic message (expected of a woman)

I told him with factual eyes and mouth movements

“Look at the people around you

They are going

And they are not stopping

You and me are alike, sir

We stop and we wonder about things too much

Stop thinking

And just listen

Listen to what makes your heart hum

Even if you have lost what makes your heart beat

You showed me such ferocious passion

Such a passionate move

To not only choose to destroy yourself

But also destroy my car and, possibly, my mental stability

You’re a passionate being

Put some of that passion into your own life

And see how happy you can become”

I walked away without

offering him a ride

He needed to remember

the twin snowflakes hitting on his cheeks like shards

He needed to remember

my young, 18 year old face

telling him to use his passion for greater means


There was no beauty in the steps he took in front of me that night

But there was potential beauty

in the truth I decided to give him


Remember the night you almost got rid of your passions

Remember the girl who did not hold you

But instead gave you the truth you needed

(and perhaps did not want to face)



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