This is my poem.

It is supose to reflect me

Or something about me.

And this is something,

It is my opinion about poems.

To me they are usually nothing more

Than a grade for my english class.

A mere five minutes of my life

At 1:03 AM on a Saturday morning.

A quick write I must say.

But I realized the power of a poem.

I stay awake at night and read online blogs.

I read people's poems and I see it.

Not a single word is not meant.

As it can be a cry for help,

A wonderous act of joy,

Or a raggedy poem like this one.

It might or might not have a purpose

But here it is.

Here lie the deepest thoughts,

Contained into words.

Some people write them to exoress emotions.

It is what I see when I read these poems.

I see hate they have for the world,

I also see their joyous lives.

And hopeless in mere words.

It's a gateway for others as it can be a gateway for anyone.

Poems aren't just words.

They're a story waiting to be shared with the world.

One letter at a time.



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