Where did I go

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 11:57 -- Thrawn

...I wasn’t always like this you know,

there was a time when I saw beauty in life,

electricity in the magnificent mechanics of life,

the way birds carried themselves above our heads,

the way animals stalked one another in a never ending game of primal hide and seek.

Laughter came without provocation, smiles were always creeping at the edges of our lips, ahhhh the memories I could get lost in, live in even, play them over and over always finding something new to smile mischievously about. But my friend, I say, those memories fade...indeed all memories fade...but not with time no, not...not with time. They fade, they fade with experience, pushed back subliminally, rounded up and tagged as, well I couldn’t tell you now. The energy goes first you see, it’s our innocent love for experience that’ll get us. Yes, our energy...it begins to fade, letting in those heavy, dark memories, but stopping them in the forefront of the minds-eye. Looming over our heads as reminders of the could bes, the what if’s, the might’ve beens. Yes, they set there, readily available for doubt to take hold. Ready to tell us no, not today, you’ve not the time or energy my friend, rest, rest easy in the confident serenity of your comfort. Ahhhh, life, so full of wounder, so full of loss, so full of illusion, illusion is the most illusive.

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