From Kaige to ****


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Do you remember,
The night of the fifth In September?
On that cold and rainy day,
When I came and took you away.
The feeLings I felt,
Were much more then just beneath my belt.
Then the holidays came...
and I still felt the same.
It already seemed I had found the One,
Not knowing these feelings had only just begun.
Around every corner and every bend,
You still stuck around to be my friend.
If anything were to go wrong,
You woud'Ve been there to whisper a song.
My hEart belonged to You,
Doing whatever yOu pleased to get me through.
I thought yoU'd be there for the rest of my life,
But then came that BIG F**KING KNIFE...

Your words say "I love you"
While your actions hurt me through and through.
My senses tell me of what I most fear,
That your love for me will slowly, but surely, disappear.
Although you've committed these terrible crimes,
Misery is just a crack I fall into sometimes.


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