How the tumbleweed rolls

Sat, 06/21/2014 - 11:40 -- zharren


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Listen carefully as the sand stirs still

in a barren land of thoughts and dreams.

How quietly the wind does sing;

how distant beingness seems.


And there, but one, stand you alone,

lost and wandering slow.

Afraid to seek the hiding truth,

afraid of what they know.


And yet, you linger now and then

as if the sun is watching still,

testing your strength in this foreign land,

admiring your boastful will.


And so you carry on the path,

picking branches and twigs of past

and bundle them up in a stack of gloat

until the pile has grown so vast.


Each breath you take, each step you make,

it is sure to always follow.

Dear girl, but do you know…

How this tumbleweed will grow?


How sharp the thorns of love you’ve placed

will jab the heartbroke souls?

How smiling footprints shall be erased

as the tumbleweed rolls.


And yet you seek to venture on,

without a drop of care.

But still you wonder in your mind,

why no one else is there.


But little do you know, I’m here

watching over you.

Yet when I reach my hand to help

like a slithering snake you shoo.


You fear I am a vulture here

to pick your flesh and bone away.

But all I seek is to understand,

yet, you refuse to let me stay.


Tumbling, tumbling, your words keep stumbling,

as you proceed to build this show

of mightiness and nonchalance.

How hopeless this tumbleweed rolls.


The grains of time have aged your years

but not a second did you grow.

Still a foolish child indeed,

how piteous this tumbleweed rolls.


I’ve seen the angry passions spewed,

the misery and woven woes.

But dear girl, you can’t be helped,

until away this tumbleweed goes.


You’ve had your time to face the truth

but your vanity, you’ve yet to control.

And now I ask you one last time,

how does the tumbleweed roll?



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