The End


To what end do you aspire to go to friend?

Garden of Eden; life of shame

The flower blooms only to die- again

Is it not always the same?


Many a thought go 'round my mind

As I stumble to my bed

I wonder what there's left to find

I lie awake with dread


Where are you going, women and men?  

Like sheep you follow the players game

What are the means to the end?

There is no one else to blame


Are you satisfied with life, confined

All the money that you spend?

Are you satisfied with living life so blind

It's up to you, try to pretend


    None will be there to commend

Your change of heart will cause ill fame

  Into a wretch you will transcend

  Change will only bring you shame


Straying from path unkind

You yourself choose to offend

Turning to the path designed

You are your own to defend


Friends turned foes will still pretend

Jokes and jeers set out to maim

They all subtly condescend

You realize they are all the same


Suddenly you jerk awake- in a different frame of mind

Unbound and unconfined, you’re nearing to the end

You’ve realized you’re no longer blind

You feel yourself ascend



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