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Interracial Love
Would you notice, that If I gave you my love , would you save your love for me ? Would you cherish the delicate strength or would you let it slip away into anyone's port?
All I ask for Is an ear.  
i used to tell life you are MUCH TOO MUCH FOR ME   and now i find myself begging for life to   LET ME BE ITS CANVAS.  
I writeI write to rememberI write to forgetI write to understand
Define the word "heard" Do you wanna scream something? Do you wanna shout something? Or simply say something?
The graveyard sat in stillness, quiet to the world/ It matched the gray of winter/ The hills whispered about the sky, its dark unforgiving ways/ The girl all alone listened/ She always listened/ All alone in the world, not able to be saved/ She l
you are My stress-reliever, my escape, my addiction.   sometimes yoU start real slow, like drip-drip from a faucet. you pull me in close, wrap your arms around me, whiSper in my ear,
There is a war going on today
Your soul, once so pure white has been painted black by white powder. That prick that little ounce of pain is my pain.
You want to be heard, but the sound of society's critics shut you up  you hide your great thoughts and ideas behind that "nevermind" Nevermind? When will you mind? When there is no one else to hear you? 
outside looking in unable to see who i really am. unable to believe anything i say. only what is true no one will know only you.
This city continues to be a whirlwind of vibrancy. My thoughts are drenched with its very exsistence. So, rightfully, my deptarture shall be grand. May I stretch my legs and dance along the chiseled rooftops.
I'm running out of things to numb the pain, I have nothing anymore and it's driving me insane. People say life is too short to be alone, But nobody wants me, didn't you know?
He hurries and he rushes
My emotions are not poetry They cannot be compared to the deep ocean Or a thunder storm They are a fist bruised From beating against an unbreakable plastic mirror
The voice that creeps from my pencil, that leaps from my keyboard, that spills from my pen Is the voice that struggles a fight from within  Fighting to be heard. Fighting to be heard.
They're like the SunThey burn everyday,Facing unjustice, trials, they don't deserve to pay.
My name is Jesus and I'm not afraid to say That my uncle was gay and he got taken away Taken away by mankind itself and drowned in misery
I wake up In a lush, green field. Flowers of every kind Surround me. I think, This can’t be real,
God can you hear me Do you understand my pleas Take care of her please
Speaking up for that person who has no voice or afraid to voice there thoughts. Uplifting a down and troubled spirit facing hardships. Also bringing strength to a hopeless joe who is use to dragging their feet with the floor.
Who I Write For.. Who do I write for? Do I write for the kids whose screams are muffled by oppression in the countries whose names I can not pronounce?
Grandma hear my voice Why are you not hearing me Does death bind you so
Girl I cant stop myself from thinking about you I cant even bring myself to talk to you its kinda hard to concentrate too your beautys so strong its got me sick with the flu I got sick from you
Sing unto me a new songNot one full of everlasting loveI do not wish to hear about joyTell me more about heartacheTell me about the reality of loveSing about the pain
I feel the sparks of potential Igniting in my veins It lights a fire beneath my fingers And the words come in waves Would could
  A tinybird sits in a lonesome tree as she waits for her Caregiver, her Provider.   she watches as her mother fondly feeds Another.
WordsOutward, inward Written out so clear, floating in the air, or clogged in my throat as I gasp for air.
One phone call, my heart stops. Bye Brother.
Who knew one person could feel so many things but never say a word?
Grasp firmly unto who you are and never let go, Life is filled with bumpy roads. People will lift you up and slam you down. Friends will pretend in the light and scheme on the low.
Why? Why? Leave me alone. Emotions dropping from the surface,
I write for change.  In hopes that someone at the top of the societal hierarchal strucutre will read and consider the life of someone so different from their self.   I write for peace.
Far from home they fight, In a land that’s not their own. Their enemy has no face, Yet they fight on. In a time of terror Not knowing who is friend or who is foe,
Tis' not a poem of his sparkling eyes
In the beginning, there was nothing.   There were only dreams.     The first day, God made darkness.   It likes to fill your thoughts  
 Theres times when you are alone Times when you are surrounded
Why can't things be. What they used to be. When I felt special. Around you. Guess things got too serious. Thought we could both bring the best out. In both of us. But I feel so alone.
Loving an amount of time,
(Reason?: To Get it Out)    
I taught you all the things I knewDevoted my time to theeSo you could join in playing the grandly newRomantic symphonyAn autumn evening we walk aloneEach tree ridden of all its leaves
Times here on this planet Earth may be hard sometimes. I keep talking to myself in my head saying, "When will these problems end?". We keep thinking to ourselves, "If I just had this, I'd be happier".
I’ve been all over the United States
I once met a young woman by the name of Ashley, So beautiful she was to me. With hickory eyes, she had a heart-warming smile that caught me by surprise. So shy she was, hesitant to believe she was pretty.
            Will you ever notice me?             When I turn away from me?             Change my hair, my body, my animation?             Just to win your admiration.
Like a Spartan, bombarded, I go chargin' through gardensNo cigars, no guitars, just a smart pen, from bargains
This is a message to the world To each and every boy and girl No matter your age there’s nothing to fear Young or old, you have to be bold   I ain’t saying its fine to play mind games
Why do this? Hositlity does not disperse,
It’s just a little blip,
To whom it may concern
It seems nobody likes.
It seems nobody likes.
A Bright Future Here I stand, Conformed. Chasing a dream that’s miles away, Thinking of things I struggle to say, My arms outstretched; reaching for my destiny.
When i speak, who hears me? Do thy friends, family, classmates, companions hear me?   Everyone over looks thy as a simple girl. A geek.   So i run. Running to complete a creative thesis,
Do you not hear it? The knock on your 'window'.   Do you not hear it? This time it is a knock on the 'door'.   Do you not hear it? The knock isn't going away, so stop avoiding it.  
Who do I hope reads my writing, filled with unremarkable class? Easy. The ones with the biggest checkbooks.
Don't tell me who I am and what I am not. You don't know me, so just stop.   Stop acting like you can read my mind, because you can't.    And don't act as if you're my friend.
Tears run down her face
Consuming fire
We feel safest on the shore, But no one is immune to the changing tides. They advance and fall away in a rhythm relentless. Not one can stand unaffected
As a child, “growing up” always seemed like a magical transformation.
Im only 19, its YOU that I need.  
panic arches in my gut, deep and visceral pain  and i can't breathe, can't see, can't hear  anything but the relentless beat of a butterfly's wing against my rib cage
I feel the cold rush to my bones the frigid air bites through my skin I can hear all of the tones of my music begin   I begin to move my shoulders my arms my hands my fingers
The only people that can hear me Are the ones that live in reality instead of thinking this world is a fantasy Even though life is attractive like two opposite magnets
You don't still drive like a drag racer, do you?    Speeding through the city streets under the silver moon, Slipping past parked street cars on a deserted road Lit by lustrous, lonely light posts  
Mom and dad  I like boys  and sometimes I like girls  Mom and dad I don't believe in a god I believe in many gods Mom and dad  I want to go to college  I want to get away from here 
I have two voices. One is alive. The other is dead. I have two sides. One is bright. The other digs me down so deep in the earth that I feel the heat of its core burning my soul.
I don't smile often. The world doesn't know why. I don't smile at you because I don't like you. I don't smile because I am terrified of not  receiving one back. I don't speak often.
Your black hair, your black skin, Everything is so beautiful to me. Your large hands are soft, and
Great night for fireworks
Where lady liberty stands tall and proud, like a protective mother watching over her children she keeps a watchful eye on the city and the nation that she holds so close to her heart.
Flickering eyes, hateful glances they stare You feel alone in a world full of beings People whisper amongst, smiles are rare They control who you are, they hold your strings. Terrified of rejection, you conform
Hanging from my wall familiar faces smile at me inviting me to happiness
But you don’t act black.
If you're having trouble remembering lines,Just think of this poem and you will be fine,When you're on stage the acting's for real,Just keep on pretending that it's the real deal,
As I get beaten and bruised It seems as though there is no hope. As I struggle through life
the eyes, that perceives me the ears that hear me  the hands that touch me
There’s much too much wind. The cold chill brings a bite in this big field. At night, it’s just dark. They would wish only to see the sun. But fear, not false hope, feeds their feel.
Holding a secret that no one can know
If I could only have one person hear me, it would be my child. If and when I bring another human being to this world, one day he or she will be where I am:
  How can someone love one that hurts them? How can I love one that hurts me? Why do I miss you? Why do I want you? Why do I love you? You left me for nine years, then you came back and turned 
It's no longer the struggle of finding who I am, but rather finding where I fit in. It is embodied by one giant question mark -   I have been told that all of the answers 
In a world full of people One can feel so alone The thoughts and actions Sometimes go unknown   To be heard Is more than just simply listening Sometimes it requires removal of judgments
-Everyone changes, one way or another -So, if you're trying to stay the same don't even bother -Whether it's you appearance, attitude, or religious angle -Everyone changes, even the Devil was once an Angel
Never has a stranger put a frown upon my face Yet those that draw so near are the keepers of the chase I try to stray away , oh how these horrible memories torture me 
I want to be heard and seen Not like someone famous,but as an inspiration  Loud and proud Confident and hopeful That the world around me will soon not only see me but hear me too.  
  E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y Equality There are some things worth fighting for Things that are worth the effort and time Things that we deserve, my brothers and sisters Things that don’t even have to rhyme
Mankind progresses, advancing technology
True Life is a comedy. But can it be  a drama, a love story, exploration of meaning? Mix of Values and confusion. Tis' true that life is a blank slate. But could we all be artists? Seeing beyond the white canvas for all that it can be.
What if you knew something you can't explain Everyone says love takes pain My heart feels empty and drained
Their words shell me like machine gun fire I pretend they are mere raindrops hitting my skin I may not be pierced by hot metallic words but somehow they seep in through
      I write to keep myself in check I write to escape the pain in my chest Because while actions speak louder words have a stronger effect
Feelings muddled, lost and lonely,Are you a friend, or less?Or. . . more?
Everyone is talking. No one is listening. In a world where we all want to be heard- No one is hearing a word. I want to use my life to listen. To take people's stories left unwritten
Boom, another life of someone's i pull up my cover Split, there goes a crack in the wall and there goes the head off my doll.
Drugs, drinks, and driving Driving your life down the wrong path. Stalling, staying, and sticking Sticking to the life you knew best, But where are you now?   A mother of two children.
  Ripped from the skies invisible bodies that play in the light. Cowering under their masses you’re forced to stare blankly, obediently at your shoes.   Singular in the actions against you, the moments add up.
this is a moral lesson   (you would do well to listen)   what does that mean? none of us have the slightest clue.   (look it up) (I don’t want to) (I’m not an encyclopedia)
some things are just better left usaid figers poited at you broken promises mislead its weighing heavy on my shoulders should i stay or should i go i'd rather do this on my own no room to judge single show
  I can see you two together every weekend
Everflowing, gentle, soft,The black thread dangles.Once a contributor to the strength of a whole,The unity stood uncorrupted, pure.
Impurity and shallow
The leaves fall like rain But only the crinkling, dying, dried up ones They fall from heights that would break our bones And land gently amongst others of their kind  
The sea foam raged violently against the cliff constantly pulverizing the coal black rocks causing smithereens and scraps to crash viciously into the water
Let them set the stone where it belongs It will appease them Do not clash with the wills of the many It will anger them Do not question those with power They will sequester you
Hope for the best for the worst has yet to live on. The pain we encounter shatters us But it is rare to see someone who cares becauses it is internal.
An unsung song thumping within the confines of a rib cage.
Hey guy, I think you caused my heart to stop. My lungs can’t breathe. I can’t say a word to you. Without you in my life my heart strings would pop, All that I know is that I’m in love with –
I know it's been days I know it's been weeks But I still think, about everything About those words. 'His' words.   They say its okay, That I'm safe now,
Her tongue, twisted as it kissed my lips So cold, I could taste the venom, the poison started to devour me  Her hair, with locks of blonde and brown,  She had the key to my heart. 
I first thought, I was never good enough for thyself Could not see how I could be blinded
You may see me as nothing more as child But I have grown and exprienced many things I will still experience alot but I am no mere child I am an 18 year old child I am a child who is legal
So you want to get to know me? Well the first thing you should know is that there is Jekyll And there is Hyde. A step inside myself reveals light and dark, good and evil.
I'm holding on to these last few days, The way The Strangler holds on to his victim's throats: Enjoyably.  Powerfully. Desperately. While you're still here,  You cut the surrounding night
Listen If I'm talking irrational 
Some Go Through A lifetime & At The end only have a false sense of imagination, daydreams & illusions to show...
Begging for a million words amongst the million trialsThe road can twist and turn when you're walking for many milesA dampness from the passing of such heavy storms
Four years ago, the mention of his name would send my whole body in a tizzy. I craved his attention. I craved his body around me because I felt safe. I craved his beautiful bright brown eyes on me.
Nobody understood me before. Awkward. Child. Girl. Nobody understands me now. Awkward. Teen. Boy. Nobody will ever understand me. Awkward. Adult. Man. Some people think I am daring.
It’s Easter Sunday, I’m tryna be interested but for some reason I can’t dissect it/ Tryna figure out what the heck is a Holy Spirit, and how do I feel its reception/
The day was quiet and yet so loud As I stood in the center of a moving crowd Writhing, squirming, a beast all its own Yet completely surrounded I was alone   Glued to the pavemnt I started to sweat
“Trapped? You say I’m trapped? No, I entered this prison by choice. And now by choice I will remain. Why would I leave? I’m comfortable here. My life is fine – just the way I want it to be. Leave me to my prison cell. Let me be.“
Worse than any pain I have ever felt Worse than the strikes and blows I endure from you every day Worse than the beatings and the nights Locked away in the hallway closet Is the pain I feel from your words...
I strive to be the best I can Always sure to lend a hand. My heart is filled with love and care, Passionate affection waiting to be shared.   Is it fair to feel the way I do?
Early one morning I went to the fields To pray to Jesus for my sins. When out of the clouds Ascending above
AZRAEL! Come for me, I feel the crowds encore Is emerging closer onto me; The Seraphims see no more ---
You've been Broken, crushed, hit, kicked, Shattered, busted, tripped, slit Dropped, cut, wrecked, derailed You've been
Are you listening? Of course you're not Because you're on the phone talking  to her   You think I don't see  You looking at me  When her back is turned?   I gave you a chance 
I remember the way you wore your hair; I remember how I lost myself in your eyes I remember the mutual looks of longing for each other I wish I could have done so many things differently As I lie here in mud
Lost. Such a simple word. Some say it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, but what about those who have just lost? What of them?
She                         Lies awake barely breathing                         waiting for his return                         but he never arrives                         to unlock her soul and he doesn’t
In the midst of all the shadow and emptiness
My mother's hands are calloused from hard work. My mother's hands create works of art. My mother's hands are graceful yet firm. My mother's hands are warm and comforting.
Name David just another lost soul in protrayed world, taught to speak, write, think, move. but never guided through the beated path of life. Living life like a routine everyday wondering who i am, who i will become, why im i here.
"Step up, be heard" they tell me. They don't know that words are not needed. That my masterpiece beside me in shades of green and purple speaks for itself. That my time and love and care
Medicated anxiety. 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20 Thinking what that noise was, or who is walking upstairs Why doesn't he talk to me anymore? Why do I still care? So much at once, I miss most of it
“Notice me” she pleaded With eyes laden with tears And lips quivering   “Notice me” he cried With a mouth turned into a snarl And hands balled into fists   “Notice me” she begged
We walk though these halls filled with peopleBut never the ones who matterWe search each foreign face desperate to see something that says to usYou’re specialYou’re lovable
Thoughts swimming everywhere Running in a  labyrinth What is going on?   Feelings chaotic All emotions lacking peace Who am I anymore?   Paper before me Hand gripping pencil tight
Sometimes I find myself sitting, Staring off with glazed over eyes that seem to
Internet runs faster than I do. Phones know more than I do. Breathing in wi-fi instead of air. I am suffocating. Who will help me? My laptop? No. My phone? No.
Maybe in death, when we are no longer casket sharp, our skeletons will expose themselves.
I take a breath as the first tear fallsThis, the one that started them allThey continue to fall, then turn to rainNow I dream I'm in your arms once againI've cried before, but never enough
A scream for within
My thoughts are nothing but a rusty gate swaying in the winds, but my voice, my voice is power. My heart is simply opended, like a blossoming flower, for the world to enjoy.
Brown, Black or White What makes us different?
Immigrant I was born in Indiana,
Words often spew forth from our mouths with no purpose. Seeking freedom in our own  minds we must always clear space. But those around us are doing the same just to empty their heads,
The sound of her voice was something no one has ever heard before, it was as if the heavens above had created a melody that would instantly cause peace and security in every soul that spoke to this wonderful presence.
There is an explosion and I am propelled forward and I have missed the boat and I sink and I hit the bottom of the sea. An iron monstrosity. The extrinsic. Burnt. Irrelevant. Forgotten.
I see a day when all are free From pain and from fears. A day when all are happy, And there will be no tears.
I dont ask that you walk in my shoes, or feel my pain, or overcome these issues. My fight is my own. Im built to survive. I live to succeed, and I write to thrive.  
Nobody knows me
Daddy always wanted a little soldier;He wanted his girl to be fierce, and strong.He was a marine, and I never tried hard enough.
  Once upon a dream,  
Strength, power, success This is all one wants in life Work themselves to death without having happiness leaving there dreams behind for logic and achievable circumstances  I live in the shadows
Every day, People suffer. They put on those fake smiles, pretending everything is alright.   But in reality, it's not,   Do we know that? They could be teased, maybe bullied.
Reach Need to go far, that's what I know sooner or later
Feeling restless, hard to sleep when will you come back? Endless thoughts about your safety completely out of whack...   Do you know what you're doing? The lives you are destroying?
In a world endlessly dark immersed in hatred, in ash, was nearly no life left to squander no signs of the past Perpetual eclipses bombarded the Sun until all light diminished from
Through all this life I've never truly seen This sharp a green or any deeper blue Upon purest white skin these kisses be Than what I see each coming year in you. When days are long and nights are kept at bay,
I don't want to be listen too and ignored like the dirt pavement in the forest.I wish not to be called down because of my ever changing emotions as I struggle through life.
To all the victims in this world, 
I am more than white skin (you see). I am more than my family's yearly salary (you want). I am more than the slouch in my back (you think should be corrected).
They are all simple wordsSimple rhymesSimple thingsNo one tends to realize what those simple words can cause to someone.When those simple thoughts are interepted
  I have a friend who is a crab; Her shell is dark and dank. She sat inside, her face to hide From hopes and dreams that sank.  
And it’s been months. 
You push me to be someone you see me being.   You want your dreams to be my dreams. You want me to be perfect. But I'm not.   In my head, I scream.
To tweet, or not to tweet - that is the question: Is it wiser to follow the crowd, sharing my every thought and action Or stand alone above the fray. To tweet, to expose - my personal life-
my lemon steady collecting weighing down creating pressure. The more lemons the more pressure.. the more weight to create juice.. now lets make lemonade...
You have to finish your homework before you can watch T.V.
When you are a kid, the world seems magnificent, some may even say magical.   As you get older, you open your eyes to change, and encounter struggles.   Keep going,
Many times at night a little girl wonders, What in the world is she fighting for? Disney told her love But her parents said success And everyone else said just to fit in So she tried to look inside
All persons must go their own ways, All people must do their own thing. For we can not predict or hope, To follow the path of the winds. They will twist and turn you inside out, Like the tides of the Tempest's sea.
If you tell me some guy is “a dick”, I will inform you that no, his name is Charles. If you go on to say that Charles is “happy to see me”, I’ll wonder how you know. His roll of mints, the pencil,
Golden like a retriever he use to be an old yeller until the eighth of September when they had to put the kid 
  To be heard, is to be loved  to be heard is to be loved. 
It's strange how time passes. Snapshots of teachers and now-empty classes. Echoes of my past in gray and white, now like doves take flight. The halls of schools and hollow sounds, now within each memory abound.
A Failure, A Reject, A Nobody. I will never again be Able to achieve my dream. Eventually, I will be Stuck here, doing nothing. I will never let myself be Put into a position like that again.
Your eyes meetThe hollowed gaze of your reflectionSunk in cheeks andBony hands   When everyone told youYou were beautifulYou claimed their words wereUnbelievable 
We learn what we are taught. We use crayons to draw up a life that’s already been planned in permanent ink. But we still try.
One Sliver of the whole is snapped
I never understood why people get homesick until I met you.
Just because I'm alone doesnt mean I need company doesnt mean I'm not happy and doesn't mean people don't like me. Just because I'm alone doesnt mean I need you doesnt mean I want you
Love Is one of the most powerful words in the world.Even more powerful than should be GodSince we have more faith in it. I promise youThere is way more people out there that believe in loveMore than the belief of God.
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